Odd place, but beautiful South Fox Island

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Always good to have returning simmers here, myself being mention you gave up aircraft, but you may re-think because of the the continuing advances in the GA/airliner simulations...🙂...

Nonetheless, your post is very interesting. Having been twice to the "Touristy" Mackinac Island, I would love to visit these obscure (aka: odd) islands you're referring to here as the "Great Lakes Island Airports". In fact, en-route to  the Mackinaw City, as I was tracking the scenic roadway (along the coastline) , I must have passed the Fox Islands off-shore (was not aware of these islands at that time).

I was reading a bit about South Fox:

"There is no ferry service to South Fox, and it has no docks, fuel or sheltered harbor. However, a private airport with a 5,500-foot (1,700 m) private runway can accommodate jet aircraft". [So, we can even fly our virtual personal Jets there, just need some good scenery. BTW, I do see the nice RWY in your shot!]

"South Fox Island boasts some of the most spectacular freshwater maritime scenery in the world, including towering dunes, virgin cedars, and untouched beaches". [However, Mr. David Johnson seems to (privately) own about two-thirds of South Fox, the other third being owned by the state. Lighthouses always fascinate me, and there are two at the southern tip of this island, owned by the state.]

Thanks for posting.

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On 1/10/2019 at 6:09 PM, Casualcas said:

Its been years since Ive been in here, and good to be back and see familiar names

Welcome back to the forums.  All images must be embedded on AVSIM.  Google Drive does not appear to have a way to embed images in forums.  I do know that OneDrive allows it.  According to the Google forums, you can embed by selecting the image(s) you want to embed and then copying the url in the address bar and then pasting in the forums.  However, I have tried it and the url in the address bar keeps showing a link to GoogleDrive (the main page).  I do not know why Google is making it so difficult to embed images from account holders to forums.  I suspect they want everyone to visit GoogleDrive to see the image in hopes others will see the site and get all excited and join GoogleDrive.

You must also show the Prefix of the Sim used in the title bar.  This is because P3D users complained about XP11 users posting images from XP11 and the P3D user did not know it was XP11 until they opened the topic.  XP11 users were opening topics with P3D images and they were upset seeing P3D images.  So they wanted separate screenshot forums for each simulator.  We decided it would be easier to keep one forum for all and members would use the prefix system to indicate the sim they used to make the photos.

In your case, can you see the reactions from some when they click on your link and see an XP11 image when they only wanted to see P3D or FSX images?  LOL!

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