A couple of quick RC4 qustions

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First thank you for making this great add on available for free. And to continue support is a class act!  A couple of quick questions which I can't seem to find an answer. 

1. How to prevent default ATC from suddenly blaring. Need to turn it off entirely.

2. After take off in NGX, (the only aircraft I've flown with RC4 so far) I can barley hear RC4 under the sim sound without scaling back my sound sliders and then only barley. Can hear it fine at the gate. Such a change once I become airborne.

3. How do I move my keypad entries to the num pad? Seems only the numbers on the main keyboard work but not the num pad . Not with num lock on or off. The num pad numbers respond when entered in the key definitions but not in the sim. 

4.Is there a way to use time compress on a long haul flight and keep RC4 up with the flight while you leave the sim a bit?

Once again many thanks to Ray and team!

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1) Turn the P3D ATC volume down to zero. Don’t deselect the option.

2) You need to lower the sound levels in P3D until the balance is better. Also, Control Panel - Sound. Communications tab. Make sure the Ignore / No change option is chosen.

3) You need to customise the key commands. There is the option to do that in RC4. You can also use combinations like CTRL+1. Just make sure nothing in P3D is assigned to that combo.

4) Time acceleration up to x4 will be okay for RC4 providing there are no sharp turns in your route. There is also the option to pause the sim x miles from destination. Handy for overnight flights you want to pick up in the morning.

And handing over comms to Otto helps. CTRL+Shift+K from memory. Check the keyboard commands.

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I run RC4 on a second PC over the network using Pete Dowson's WideFS.  That way I can adjust ATC volume (and between headset or speakers) independent of the sim's sound settings.



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Me too Bob. Using ShowText is better too than the transparent RC menu in P3D. If anyone has a spare PC this is one great way of utilising it.

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