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I just love this little gyro that was recommended to me here.  I have enabled my Xplane11 autogen overlay over my photoscenery, I love autogen in the farmland and desert,  Many do not know that Arizona, in addition to having the biggest stand of pine trees north of our Mogallan Rim, also has farmland and crop circles that must have been left by the aliens in the movie signs, lol.  Every time I see crop circles it restores my faith in our supreme being, Tom Allensworth...He is the one who inspired me to learn how to fly for real, along with the encouragement of my ex wife and daughter.  My mother, RIP, was the one who warned me not to buy a light aircraft, she would only fly somewhere when I was with her because her first flight alone, the maiden voyage of a DC-10, scared her to death.  She did not know that the wings were supposed to flex and she became a rivet counter, like I used to be with payware.  After all, rivet counters are frogs since we all hatch from little tadpoles until we get our first kiss, the kiss of life and death, there are old pilots amongst us but no old bold pilots amongst us, because they jump out of perfectly good airplanes.  That is why good airplanes for those of us who love GA have parachutes which is a segue into my gyro post since I have bored all my friends here asleep for the night...............

As pilots love to say, here is my unarmed Little Nellie to commemorate one of my favorite Bond films, followed by Live and Let Die, For Your Eyes Only, The Spy Who Loved Me, and finally, Moonraker.  When we lived in Burbank, Richard Kiel was my brother's best friend, but my brother kept me away from him, I could only see them together because Richard would visit my parents favorite Dodge dealership.  My parents were Dodge and Ford fans, I was too but my fav cars were the 57 Chevy  and the Chevy Malibu, but mine did not have the antilock brakes that came from jets, so I gave it up just recently.  Antilock brakes are a must!




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Your miscellaneous mentions here bring back some memories. Talking about Richard Kiel, I had a meeting with him that I cannot easily forget. It was on my only trip to Las Vegas, about 10 years ago, when I'd caught him sitting near the exit of a hotel (or casino?), and having folks take their pictures with him and then he signing the pictures...there was an assistant/lady sitting next to him, and collecting a fee for this (maybe $10 or some such amount). So, I watched him for some time from a  distance (having recognized him to be the "Jaws" character), and finally decided, after a bit of hesitation, to have a picture taken and signed. He appeared to be such a nice guy. For my picture, he held me in a supposedly "lethal"...🙂...grip for the shot, and also waived off my fee...I've since lost that picture unfortunately...

And, the other memorable thing that happened on that trip, during our descent to KLAS, the Captain of the A320, had the stewardesses give us (pax) each a piece of paper, and asked us to predict the weight of the plane - after announcing some hints...ZFW, No. of PAX etc...Somehow I got it close/right, and was rewarded with a couple of tickets to the Blue Man Group Show. That was nice...

Also, I made a bus-trip to Grand Canyon from was fun....but, while in Grand Canyon, I balked at the Helicopter tour (decided to play safe, but, probably I should have taken the tour...). You had mentioned earlier that you had Helicoptered into Grand Canyon from Vegas. Grand Canyon is an amazing sight, no less...

All this was so many years ago...and now with the recent happenings...I'm having 2nd thoughts about visiting Las Vegas again, but I would like to if I can...

Anyway, as you say, after these ramblings, now back to your post:

This is all nice autogen overlay over your photoscenery...also you can almost track the (clearly seen) highways in these shots to your destination (by IFR = I Follow Roads)...I like the look of the distant mountains too...

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18 hours ago, RichieFly said:

looks like fun.

sorry to be dense, but what is that and where can i get one? 🙂


It's the VSkylabs Gyro...  Do a search on them, you might find something you like better, they have a lot of things that would surprise a seasoned "heavy iron" simmer.

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