Screen shot with V key?

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I am using P3Dv4.4 and Windows 10. Up until a few weeks ago I and my friends on line had been using the V key to make a screen shot in the sim as it is much easier than using the Windows key along with the PrtSct key. I remember seeing that my computer was undergoing a Windows update back then. I do not remember the number of the update but it was dated sometime in October, 2018. I don’t know why it waited till Feb to do the update, but it did. My friends also noted the same update being done to their computers. After that Windows update a couple of things have happened. First of all  my saved screen shots were changed from a jpg to a png file and I can not change them back. Also when doing a screen shot now using the Windows and PrtSct keys, the screen shot is saved as a png file and I can not change that default or do a save as to a jpg file from the existing saved png files. I can still do a screen shot using the Windows key and the PrtSct keys, but it is saved as a png file and I can not change that default of change the file after it is saved. Has anyone else seen this and does anyone have a fix for these problems. I have also posted this on the P3D forum.


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Are you able to bring that .png screenshot up in MSPaint and then click "save as" and say "save as .JPEG"?

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you can change the chosen format of your V key P3D screen shot in the P3D

settings, Options - Application\Screenshot format:


When you press Print Screen, you should then open an image editor, such as the default Paint 3D.

Select Paste and then Save as.

If you are using Paint 3D, then at the bottom of the Save as window, under the file name you will see

that you can choose your format.

.png is just the default choice, it is not the only choice as you seem to be saying.

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Thanks for the replys.

I have solved the V key problem. There was no problem. I had forgotten that V key saves to a different location than Windows and PrtScr keys.

As for using the Windows and PrtScr keys, I can not figure out how to make jpg the default save type. Yes, I can use Paint and Paint3d and do a save as, but that is just adding move steps to the process. I am trying to figure out how to change the default save a jpg instead of the png type.


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IDK if you can change teh Windos ones?  I think png makes a nicer picture though and its lossless so if you want to edit it or crop or whatever, you don't lose anything.

Also you can get XnView MP (free even!) to edit and manage your pix and it can do batch converts and all.  It's super nice I think. 🙂


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