The A340 Part 11 - Korea

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Following on from my previous post (here), we're now on one of Lufthansa's 16 A340-600s. We are DLH712, departing late afternoon and arriving around midday in Seoul.

Parked next to a retro 747-8

Lining up on 25C

Following the SID which will take us out to the east.

Just as we approach the German FIR boundary I notice this military P3

Sun now setting for our accelerated night.

Some Russian AI traffic


Technically this one's Chinese

And this is a Canadian registered Global Express a long way from home.

Thought this was a pretty good rendition for FSX

More Russian AI traffic parked up

Sun rising fast


North Korea off the left wing

UPS plying their trade

...and this is where things started to go wrong.
You'll notice in the previous two pics the weather is gin clear... it shouldn't be. As I descended towards the airport I noticed the weather depicted was nothing like what AS16 said it was. I have this issue fairly often, Simconnect seems to just stop talking to AS but without throwing an error, the weather simply freezes so I was descending through about FL100 when I noticed the wind was still 130kts, not impossible for that level but pretty unlikely. I spent quite a while trying to get the link back up, realism killer no. 1.

Oo, look, clouds...

Realism killer no. 2 (or is it 1b?). With the clouds back in sight I assumed all was well with the weather until turning onto the ILS at about 10 miles. The wind was still about 270 at 130kts, quite a crosswind for runway 33L.

I went back into trying to reset the weather as we came down the ILS, I configured early and then, finally, at about 5 miles, success!

Wing view as we turn onto the ILS.

Realism killer no. 3
The weather reset and I lost my 270@130 wind and it dropped instantly to the (as advertised) 010@7, thus losing some 110kts, a lot of which was headwind. The aircraft promptly plunged out of the sky, dropping off the glideslope and going straight into Alpha Floor. I knocked out the autopilot and recovered by hand, in reality I should have gone around but I was tight on time (boy 1 needed picking up from school) so just winged it, stable approach criteria are for wusses anyway.

Realism killer no. 4
As I recovered and started concentrating on the airport I noticed it looking a bit sparse and bland, strange as I have the Overland scenery which looks quite good. Doh! I forgot to activate it! I paused the flight and went into the scenery library and activated it, took a while but seemed to come up OK.

Turning off the runway

Realism killer no. 5 (or is it 4b)
As the default RKSI AFCAD was loaded when I activated the scenery, it meant it doesn't get properly ignored for the rest of the session so I had aircraft double parked and in buildings and over taxiways. The taxi in was just silly, I had to carefully frame the last few photos so it doesn't just look like some 10 year old, off the shelf, flight simulator game... oh, wait, hang on....

Looking across at the cargo apron

Still bustling with traffic, just not always in the right place.

Couldn't get any pics of us parked as there were aircraft all over the place. Such a shame as the whole flight was going really well...

Anyway, next flight is over the Pacific to the States.


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Posted (edited)

I feel your pain, although I don't have AS16. Until installing FSUIPC I used to have aircraft going from stall to overspeed in a second with shifting winds, so yes, losing a 100+ knot headwind instantly is not really fun.

I currently have a UPS MD-11 en route to RKSI - fingers crossed the weather I encounter using FSOpen Clouds and a freeware airport will not give me much hassle. Nice set of screenshots all the same!

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