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NoPT no procedure turn?

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Posted (edited)

NoPT means that the course reversal (Hold-in-Lieu of Procedure Turn - HILPT) is not required when arriving at the stated initial approach fix (IAF).

A course reversal, which could be either a procedure turn (PT), an HILPT, or a teardrop procedure is used to align the aircraft with the inbound course to the final approach fix (FAF) and the final approach segment.  It is also used to lose altitude when the route from the IAF is  higher than that which would allow a turn into towards the FAF. 

This approach is based on a Terminal Area Arrival (TAA) in a basic "T" configuration.  To enter the procedure you would proceed to either KAPUA (right base), LIKMA (left base), or ELMAX (straight-in).  When proceeding to LIKMA or KAPUA, the track-to-fix (TF) leg inbound to ELMAX is a minimum segment altitude of 3500' and is annotated "NoPT", meaning that the HILPT at ELMAX should not be flown.  Reaching ELMAX, you would turn inbound to the FAF at NOPEN. If you are arriving on a track to ELMAX between 092 clockwise to 255, you would proceed direct to ELMAX, and then inbound to NOPEM.

The TAAs are anchored on KAPUA (IAF), LIKMA (IAF), and ELMAX (IF/IAF).  When arriving over LIKMA, when within 25 NM you can descend to 7800', and when within 10 NM, you can descend 6100 until LIKMA.  The distance arcs, sector radials at KAPUA and ELMAX provide the same distance and minimum altitude information.  

ELMAX is both an "IF" or intermediate fix (beginning of the intermediate segment) and an initial approach fix (IAF).  If the HILPT needs to be flown, then ELMAX is an "IAF" since the HILPT is technically an initial segment.  If the HILPT is not flown, then ELMAX is an "IF" since it designates the start of the intermediate segment.  

More information TAAs can be found in the FAA's Aeronautical Information Manual:

Hope this was helpful.

Rich Boll

Wichita, KS





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I believe this is the RNAV (GNSS) B approach into Nelson (NZNS), New Zealand.  While the waypoints are unchanged... the actual procedure is a bit different than the depiction you've provided.  Here's a link to the current chart:  The hold at ELMAX is now only applicable if your are at or above 4000ft altitude.


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Posted (edited)
On 3/29/2019 at 6:06 AM, WarpD said:

I believe this is the RNAV (GNSS) B approach into Nelson (NZNS), New Zealand

yes, but the date of my charts is the same as yours: November 8, 2018,the only difference is that my charts from another company: jeppesen.

why in your charts is not directly said about the procedure NoPT is incomprehensible to me...

if we arrive at the ELMAX a course other than 92 to 255 we will need to hold it at the ELMAX, anyway...

There are holding notes in my charts too, but I still don’t understand what it means:

at or above 4000 ft
for airspace containment



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