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4K Monitor Upgrade- Help with the specs

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Completely non-P3D point here, but I've worked with some setups that mix a 4k monitor with a non-4k monitor. Windows 10 does a much better job of scaling programs between different DPIs than it used to, but it doesn't always handle changing dpi on the fly.  If you drag a window from a high-dpi (i.e. 4k monitor) to a regular-dpi (your existing 24"), you may have programs that do not scale interface elements immediately, rendering them unusable. (They work fine when started in a high-dpi environment, but don't handle changing without restarting.)

I love working on my 4k monitor as a single large display.  I treat it like having 4 normal monitors in a seamless grid.  I sit close to it and leave the scaling at 100%.  I can spread a program horizontally across the width of the screen (e.g. Excel), or vertically across the entire height (for code listings).  There are free utilities out there that let you define complex custom snap points that make it really easy to make use of all that space.  My guess is you'll quickly forget the additional monitors.

Scott Easley

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If I were getting a new monitor today, I'd get a TV in whatever size I needed. At least at my local Microcenter, the cost difference between a computer monitor and a television of the same size/specs is significant. I think a lot of that pricing is "if they're buying this for a computer, they're willing to spend more money." It may also have to do with the smart TV junk, in which they figure they'll make up the difference by selling targeted info about you to advertisers -- but if you don't connect the TV to wifi, you don't have to worry about that.

We just picked up a 65" Samsung 4k for our living room for a little less than what they wanted for a Phillips 42" over in the computer section.


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At the size the OP is considering I think QHD 1440p is a nice compromise, that's what I run at 27". For typical desktop viewing distances you would need 32"+ to get significant benefit from 4K (2048p).

If you fly at night in a darkened room avoid IPS as IPS glow will do your head in! IPS has more colour accuracy but that's only a concern if you do graphics work or are hardcore film buff. I'm perfect happy with my TN panel (AOC Q2778VQE). I did a lot of research before arriving at that size, resolution and monitor.

You can use nVidia DSR x2 to simulate the performance hit moving from 1080p to 1440p before you buy a monitor (and x4 will take you to 4K), you will then be able to select resolutions in excess of 1080p in P3D and see if you get any drop

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ckyliu, proud supporter of ViaIntercity.com. i5 12400F, 32GB, GTX980, more in "About me" on my profile. 


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