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Hello all,

I think this may be an easy one to solve but I can not find a solution.

I have the full Saitek setup ie, yoke with din quadrant, another USB throttle quadrant, trim wheel, and rudder pedals. I have just fixed my rudder pedals (Spring connector) and cleaned the pots in my quadrants. when the din/yoke connected quadrant started playing up.  

The USB connected quadrant worked just fine after the maintenance but the din connected one just gave up the ghost and I strongly suspect the PC board, which, of course, is irreplaceable (to my knowledge) As a stop gap I re-assigned the USB quad to throttle 1 and 2 with the third lever being assigned to flaps. This works brilliantly with Xplane but NOT with  FS2004 (the second throttle is either on or off despite the calibration seeming to work well and smoothly) I feel that it may well be a config problem and I am contemplating a full reinstall. I did delete the config after a back up and let FS2004 rebuild but it made no difference to the quadrant. That has got me beat but since I do not want to replace both the yoke and the din quadrant, I thought of purchasing another USB quadrant and plugging in two  USB quads in lieu of 1 x din and one by USB.

The only thing I can find on the internet is a lot of discussion of trying to convert a spare din/yoke quadrant plug to USB and I believe general consensus is that this is not a wise thing to do. It is also not relevant to me.

Having said that though, I have seen on the internet here, a male din to female USB connector/adapter and I was thinking that it may be possible to connect the USB quad to the yoke via this adaptor thereby fooling the system into thinking it is an integral part of the yoke for calibration and assignment purposes. This, in reality, is but a reversal of the "NO NO" in the previous paragraph 

Is there anybody out there who can give me some advice on whether this is actually feasible. Is it possible to connect two USB quadrants into a powered USB Hub and have them both working as a normal twin quad setup does.

Regards with thanks in advance


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