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Hello I have VOX-ATC assigned with SAPPI 5.01 voices only from CereProc.

I expanded my voice set from 6 voices to 9 voices. After adding the newer voice sets,

I find that in a high resource scenery area the voices stop working.

This occurs  after I am switchedover to monitor the tower. 


Please note that this is not  “THE FATAL ERROR"

that VOX-ATC gives. The writing continues to give the correct

commands but the voices completely stop working.


If I then check the voices in Balabolka or Microsoft Text To Speech I get an error:

“Can not synthesize the speech: OLE error 80045017”.


I have to reboot the computer, Windows 10, in order to get the voices working again.


According to CereProc it may be related to MSSQL that neither text to speech apps use.

Does anyone know if VOX-ATC uses MS SQL?


Is there a limitation on the number of SAPPI 5.01 voices one can use in VOX-ATC?


Thanks in advance for any assistance!



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I don't believe I can help much ....... being a W764 user & never had your issue.

I do have 17 voices (cereproc / ivonna / microsoft) working okay. On "trick" which seems to help "fluency" at least is selecting a cereproc as the computer's default.


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You had one question answered above by John  and that is you are nowhere near the  limit for the number of voices, at least for the 64 bit version of VOXATC 7.42. I have ten voices installed. They are a mix of Microsoft, Ivona and CereProc voices.

You didn't say what version of VOXATC that you are using, though. The 32 bit versions of VOXATC for FSX, FSX-SE and P3d1-3 might run out of resources with that many voices installed.  That seems consistent with the problem occurring in demanding geographic areas. Try uninstalling all the Cereproc voices and reinstall the original 6 that worked. Then try adding a voice at a time to test. Check each voice in the speech preview in the Windows Control Panel before running the sim.

VOXATC does not use Microsoft SQL Server, to my knowledge and the likely reason that Cereproc support told you to check on that aspect is that the Windows error code 80045017 is often seen with MS SQL Server. I don't think that he error code tells you much, though, as once the CereProc voices stopped working in VOXATC, trying to make them work in another speech synthesis app without rebooting was likely to fail.


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Posted (edited)

John and Jay,

Thanks for you input.  I am using VoxAtc 7.42 and I do have a CereProc voice as the MS default voice.  I submited a request to VoxAtc but no reply as of yet. 

Are they "off the air" so to speak?

Interesting side note: my brothers and sister went to Manuel High School in Brooklyn that was renamed John Jay High because of the terrible reputation it gained.  You guys have a great reputation!😀 

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Unfortunately, VOXATC official support presently only benefits the developer, as he fixes things based on those emails. So don't expect a response. You didn't mention which sim, so I'm assuming it's P3d4.

Just as an aside here. I've never had any problems with CereProc voices, but if you use the AVSim search function you will find threads about issues with CereProc voices and other speech synthesis add-ons.

You might better off adding the built-in Win 10 voices. There's a registry hack to get a bunch of them that are hidden by default to show up.

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