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Hi all,

I am adding lines to an existing gauge so that i can replace mouse click spots with lua triggered lvars. I am currently adding lines to have external buttons input alphabet letters into a flight plan. I managed to do it for the entire alphabet and all was working ok. I have since upgraded my aircraft (Carenados Phenom 300) to include a full navigation database. This upgrade has changed the xml gauges in the aircraft.

Now when i add the lines to the new gauge i can get as far as the letter E working and then the dreaded o.o.m limit seems to be reached. It seems the new VC gauge which i am working with uses a lot more virtual memory.

My question is this....is there a way i can mitigate this to get it working . Would creating a new xml gauge to have just my new <Update> code in it make any difference? I have been putting my new code in a new  <update> section in the existing VC gauge. Would intergrating my code into an existing <update> section make any difference?

My new code wraps an existing macro call in an Lvar then switches off the Lvar after the macro has operated. As i say, i think the code is fine because it was working ok prior to the aircraft update although i had to change the code slightly as Carenado changed the macro which is called.

Thanks for looking




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In FSX/FSX:SE and Prepar3Dv1 through v3 each XML 'gauge' can have only one <Update> section.

I would suggest creating a new 'gauge' with only one <Update> section and all of your custom scripts, instead of potentially screwing up any working XML 'gauges'. At the very least if your new 'gauge' doesn't work you stand a better chance of finding/fixing the bad script more easily.

I can tell you from bitter experience that trying to 'unscrewup' a large XML 'gauge script' is a nightmare!

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