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  1. I have. And Alaska Adventures, https://www.flyaka.com/index.php
  2. This is the worst lack of performance for me. However with LorbySi Axis and Ohs you can build a gauge panel and have it displayed in a webbreader at the MS-PC or at another one.
  3. Thank's for the answer, I will try to diagnos at the weekend!
  4. When I start FS2020 and AAO and Firefox with Web FIPs all works well. All works well during a flight. When I land and park the aircraft with engine running for to do some other things. After a while when I return to the aircraft Firefox has lost contact with the webserver, the webserver has stoped working. I restart AAO but the webserver did not start. I restart FS2020 and AAO but the webserver do not restart. I have to restart the hole PC(Win 10 64bit) and after that all start again. Why can't I restart the webserver after first lost contact? Or why stops the webserver at all?
  5. Very cool tool and approach with OpenSource Python. I run your tool and find it very useful but I used a second monitor instead of a smartphone. I would like to do some modification for my own purpuse but I dont know how to do it. I am not familiar with the simconnect approach but have some knowledge about Python as well as some other script language, Perl, AHK, Visual Basic, PHP, HTML, XML gauge for P3D and FSX. Can you give me some hints to start rebuild your tool for my own purpuse?
  6. It was rather easy. When I red the information at the GitHub files I installed all and it works very well as I wish!
  7. Hi, I found this MDFS Mobile Companion very intrested but I would like it at my FS-computer or a network PC. When I looked around at the GitHub site I found many PY-programs to MSFS2020 and Simconnect, I would like to test. Can you give me a short description which programs and in which order I should install them to use PY and MSFS2020.
  8. http://www.hidmacros.eu/ I use it myself for FS9, FSX, P3DV3, P3DV4 and have tested at P3DV5 as well. See also my webb at http://snell.se/flightsim/?Mina_projekt___Simple_Cockpit unfortunately most in Swedish.
  9. I had the chase-plane installed a short time but couldn't find any good manual to use it, so I uninstalled it. Very often I need a better manual than the supplied one. If it is a freeware I can understand the lack of good manuals but if it is a payware I demand better manuals. It is often the same for aircrafts, sceneries and other utilities. Better manuals are generally needed!
  10. How do I find out the correct landng speed for an aircraft without any dokumnetation?
  11. Had the same thing time ago but turning right. After erase of all contents in folder shadows all was OK again. Had over 1000 files there!!
  12. Try Cessna T206H Soloy Turbine Pac Mark 2, here at AVSIM search for flightport_soloy_mark2_v1_p3dv4.zip
  13. You will find Sweden Design V2 at http://www.rbdesign.se/sweden-design/ as well. I use SD2 at P3DV4.5 and it works well
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