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Hi guys

Just wondering if there is a VFR tutorial floating around. I usually fly in the Aussie countyside, usually between 2 uncontrolled airports.  I tried the demo a while back but got frustrated as I was unsure what frequency to use. There would be a couple listed eg centre, and I would talk on them but I got no response. I know I am being a bit general, but I was just wondering if there is a simple tutorial I could use. Thanks.


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If you Bing "Pilot2ATC VFR", there's a video by Squawking 1200 that shows a VFR flight with flight following between 2 controlled airports.  It's a little long, doesn't use all the P2A features and the pilot responds to ATC before ATC speaks, but otherwise, it shows the ATC procedures on a VFR flight fairly well. 

If flying between uncontrolled airports without flight following, there is essentially no interaction with ATC.  If the airport has UNICOM or CTAF you might announce your intentions to other pilots, but there would be no response.  If there is an FSS, you can open your flight plan over the radio, but beyond that, no radio interaction would be expected.  

If flying between 2 uncontrolled airports with flight following, you should be able to file a flight plan and get clearance with the Center Frequency and then after takeoff, call into the Center.  The flight would then progress about the same as in the video, until the end when radar service would be terminated as you approach the destination uncontrolled airport.

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