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P3D 4.5 Hotfix

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Happily running P34.5 -all working includes MV WX Radar in Milviz planes

Did all the Hot fix up dates and installed Hotfix

Screen half loads and stops-sim crashes 

Uninstalled Hotfix and reinstalled P3D4.5 

All good again except activating  MV WX Radar now crashes sim

If  Radar disabled  in Milviz Plane they fly OK

A bit stuck what to try next

(Posted this to Rex and Milviz)


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My doctor once said, "If it hurts when you do that, stop doing it.".

I'd remove the gauge that crashes my sim. Then I would contact the vendor seeking one that works in 4.5HF...

But that's just me. 🙄

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I have been running the hotfix since it came out and all is quite stable, but maybe I do not have an add-on that challenges it I suppose.  Jim Young suggested I turn off Turboboost which I did, and both Xplane11 and P3D4.5 seem to like what I have done, smoother, more fluid flight for me.  Otherwise I have only tweaked the Affinity mask to 62 in P3D which someone recommended, and it also seems to have helped although I do not get an accurate reading of my core usage since I pause on task switch in P3D.

For me, it ain't broke, so I do not have to worry about fixing it...


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MV WX Radar seems to be the culprit

Works OK in my FSX setup 

4.5 now works Ok except for no Radar(see previous post)

Another quirk of MV WX Radar is that the software program does not seem to be backwards compatible unlike many others ie even between 4.5 and 4.5Hotfix

I was half aware of this but jumped too soon

Flysimware Falcon 50 and Learjet are still unflyablefor me due to bundled MV WX Radar 

If I want Radar I must be much slower to up date!


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I just commented out the WX radar entries in my Lear 35 panel.cfg, and have been flying it regularly...still waiting impatiently for the fix!

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Posted (edited)

All Updates  from Rex installed

Still cannot get P3D 4.4 Hotfix to install but

Everything else now works!

Any suggestions as what to do ?

Am I stuck in P3D 4.5 for the foreseeable? 

Not really a problem cos as I say everything else seems to work




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