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Given the current sale over at ORBX, I decided to take the plunge and install the global base pack, North America LC, and Vector. Everything went smooth with the installation, and overall, I'm impressed, but I do have a question I was hoping someone could easily answer. 

I took a short flight from KRYY to KFTY, two airports just north of KATL. When I landed at KFTY, I noticed some weird landclass in the middle of the airfield. Here are two screen captures:





Can anyone explain why this happens. Is there anyway to fix this at all. I suppose it's not too big of a deal, but it is a little odd.



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You probably need to run the Airport Elevation Correction feature on the Configure FTX Global Vector tab within FTX Central control panel.

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That was the first thing I tried. I also uninstalled UTX thinking there might be a conflict, even though the manual indicates the ORBX and UTX play well together. I'll post something over at ORBX and see if they have some insight. 

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Just to clarify, are you commenting on the landclass (as you say in your post) or the fact that there is an elevation issue (which is what you can se ein the screenshot, and what ailchim commented on)?

The elevation issue is unlikely to be fixed without custom tweaking and is reliant also on whether you have any third-party mesh products installed. The landclass is part of OpenLC NA. I had a look in Google Maps and this landclass does indeed look erroneous - it should be more of a forest/rural landclass. You might be able to ask OrbX if they can fix it, but don't hold your breath. OpenLC is a huge product and it's unlikely that every single bit of it will be accurate. Still, can't hurt to ask!

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That's simply incorrect placement of urban landcass by ORBX openLC North America.

You should post this anomaly along with the airport ID and coordinates to the ORBX forums and they'll hopefully fix it in a future service pack.


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