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Help Needed Installing Pilots FS Global Ultimate

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I have installed ORBX Global, Vector, and NA LC  on Prepar3D with no problems. I also downloaded Pilots FS Global Ultimate and began the installation process but I am unsure of the next steps. Could someone please walk me through the rest? I have basic computer knowledge but that's it.  I followed the included instruction sheet and unzipped the one file into a directory I named "Pilots FS Global Ultimate" .  The path is  Primary drive SSD{C): /USERS/TOM/DOWNLOADS/PILOTS FS GLOBAL ULTIMATE/.  The LOCKHEED MARTIN directory is on the same drive. I also checked each of the 18 ".zxx" files with HASHTAB per the instructions to make sure they matched. The instructions further say in step 5 that "after unzipping correctly, you will find some *.bin and one *.exe file. Run this *.exe file to start the installation." I have more files than that.


Included with the 18 "SC.zxx" files is a compressed file "FSGUNGFTX_DL_SC" that opens to BIN files, several other files, and a "Pilots.Setup.cfg" file that has the Type "Application". There is also another compressed file "FSDISK1". This opens to two files FS GLOBAL_MESH  which is a multi language intro sheet and an Interrnet Shortcut called "FSGX". Where do all these extras go? There are many other files included other than the BIN files mentioned in the instructions and no EXE that I can see.


This is as far as I have gotten since I don't want to mess things up.  The instructions only mention "some BIN and one exe file". I have several more including the compressed ones. Any help will sure be appreciated.  Tom

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The author of pilots doesnt bother with customer service. Apparently because SimMarket take a huge commission, if  by the grace of god he answers you, (God knows a few of us on here have tried), ask him how to remove the static Ryanair at LEAM will you

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Can you post a screen shot of how you have unzipped the files? 

Busdriver (Bill)


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I have mine installed in a folder labelled MESH  on E drive in there is a pilot setup.exe you run this then select the region you want to install, it gives you the option to install into the sim or link to the sim, I have mine on E drive linked to P3D.4.5 on D drive 

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Raymond Fry.


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Thanks for the help guys. 

Busdriver,  I saved a screenshot but I'm not sure how to add it to this post.     Thanks.  Tom

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