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Freeware has Eternal Life

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I hate to admit it, I have become a payware junkie.  And I do not regret it one iota, I have so many options and things I can do with Xplane11 and P3DV4.  And LOL, last night I splurged and bought an eleven year old title, "Sprint Cars Road to Knoxville" bought over Steam, which I love because I trust it so well, for an appalling $1.99.   After all, I grew up in the early 60's in Chicago, home of Gary Bettenhausen and his son, the Indy driver and friend of everyone of us in Tinley Park who shopped at his furniture store, when he was not racing Sprint or Indy Cars, he was a carpenter, kind of like JC was 2000 years ago.

I loved aviation so much because I loved the sights and smells of engines, smoke, and the loud sounds the Midget Cars made, not to mention the demolition derby at the end, but I did not like those, I hated seeing good looking cars get leprosy, lol.  I prefer the country song "The girls all get prettier at closing time", even though I am more of a Boston/Jefferson Starship/Journey and Pablo Cruise guy.  Pablo Cruise was a popular band in the Bay Area and one of the rare bands that performed in lil old Napa where I lived, the others being Journey, Jefferson Starship, and Eddie Money, and finally Huey Lewis, who was a friend of mine when he stayed at my resort in the upper Napa Valley to play tennis every week back in the 80's. 

These bands made my career traveling by air possible, because they put Napa on the map, and since I worked at the hotels they stayed in and others from Hollywood stayed in, I started to get job references not out of luck, but just because hotels and resort areas bring such good folks and good normal folks like the members here to those like me who just want to know ya, that's why I aspired to be in the hotel business like Tom Bodett, "We'll leave the light on for ya" because the story of poor JC being sent to a manger 2000 years ago to be born put a curse across the hospitality industry at that time. 

So all of us in the industry wanted to make amends, sometimes we were overbooked but I always kept relationships with our competition and never gave somebody something more expensive or worse than what they were expecting from me, and it just was not me, that is the hotelier's code, that is how we are trained.  We do not ask our callers and guest yes or no questions, we are taught, as I was by my lovely first hotel boss who I was crushing on, Vee Hammer when we hosted Falcon Crest, I was taught to say: How May I Help You? That wakes people up and opens up conversations rather laconic yes or no questions, those are better left up to computers, because that is how computers work.

I need to end this post, the point I am making is I am so awed by the contributions freeware devs like Clutch Cargo are making, I feel I must prostrate myself forever to these hobby MegaGod's and wish them blessed Eternal life.  The only Evil in our world is not religious in nature, it is being either inspired to out do what these contributors give to our hobby or simply accept our fate, that we can never out do their free gifts for us, and we should just keep that eternal praise for their work humming in our heads regardless of their race, creed, or color.  Our world came out of a hunting and gathering and sharing society, and that is our future, hunting for new ideas, gathering our wagons, and sharing our heads together and thinking about it.

Sim Propaganda over, do not read my post again, or it will mess you up and you might think you are better than I am, lol


PS, for $1.99 I suggest getting the Steam Legacy game I mentioned in bold above, it is simple I know, the physics might not be perfect, and you have to up the default graphics which are set way too low, given it was coded in 2008 on systems with about 10 pct. the power of ours today. I did not even bother to measure the fps, but I'd put it in the 200-299 range for sure, 300 would be perfect, and if it were perfect we would have World Peace, lol

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Oh my John, the remembrances you've invoked. I remember well Tony Bettenhausen. I met him at the Indy 500 in 1953.
I was only 10 years old then but there are some things that linger forever in the memory bank. My father was one of
the builders of the Dean Van Line Specials in the 1950's and my first trip to Indy was 1953. In those days kids were
not uncommon in the pit areas and I met a special friend...Billy Vukovich II. We chummed around Indy for the next
three years. Little did I know then how great a driver he or Tony would be. As Bob Hope used to say.....thanks for
the memories...............Doug

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Intel 4790K CPU, MSI Z97 Gaming 7 motherboard, Noctua NH-U12S cooler, Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB 2133 MHz RAM, nVidia GTX 970 GPU, Cooler Master HAF 932 Tower, Thermaltake 1000W Toughpower PSU, Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit, and other good stuff.

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42 minutes ago, W2DR said:

Oh my John, the remembrances you've invoked.

Indeed!  For me it was the boyhood memory of getting Mario Andretti's autograph during qualify for the '69 Indy 500.  We then returned to sit in Turn 3 to see him win the race!  You bet, I still have that autograph!


i7-8086K @ 5.3GHz, ASUS Maximus XI Hero, EVGA 2080 Super driving a 27" 2K LCD, G.Skill 16GB 3600 Trident Z 15-15-15, Samsung 512GB 970 Pro NVMe (OS and P3D) and Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe, Malware 10 Pro 64.  P3Dv4.5HF2

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