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Tearing/Ghosting Problem

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I am having a real bad problem with Tearing/Ghosting (I dont know really which one is it.

I have made a video at UK2000 EGKK just slowly panning that shows the issue I am having.




As you can see the image is smooth until I get the terminal and planes into view. I have tried also with the AI aircraft at zero, it improves but by very little.

I have a constant 30FPS unitl I start to view the terminal area, there the FPS drop to the Low 20's and high 10's. 

This happens mostly in airports in the southern UK areas and other large large airports such as Aerosoft Mega Airport Frankfurt.

I was told at FS EXpo that once I moved to P3D V4.5 it was going to be better, as it supposedly shares more processing with the other cores.

I did upgrade to V4.5, and what I noticed, was that it was loading Prepar3D, there was a better distribuition of load among the cores, but once it was ready, it went back to mostly the first core.

Sceneries I have for the area are from ORBX ARE:  ORB Global, ORBX Vector,  ORBX Open LC Europe, ORBX EU England.( i do not have TE Southern England)

 UK2000 Airports Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead.

I have an I7-4790K at 4.7GHZ, 32GB of DDR Ram, GE Force 1080 TI displaying on 3 32" 2K monitors. (which are set at 30HZ in Nvidea Control Panel.

I used Prosim 737, as I have a home cockpit, so my three main screens are just for displaying the world outside of my cockpit.

My avionics screens are powered by another PC with also an I7 and two GE Force 970's. This second PC also has Active Sky, Radar Contac and Navigraph.

The other issues I am experiencing lately are the long pauses (4 to 7 seconds) that everybody is suffering in different areas.

Is there any setup that would help me with this issue, or my system/component is approaching the end of its life?





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I think you are reaching the limits of what P3D can do on current systems.

There is only so much detail that you load the sim up with, until it starts to crack..

Depending on how much this bothers you, you might dial back some scenery detail until the visuals improve..

Solving it with faster hardware will be expensive, and I fear that you may just reach the next limit.. :cool:


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