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New Pilot2ATC customer - been using proatcX for years and didn't realize there was a considerably better program on offer, well done to the P2ATC devs!

Just one problem which I'm sure is something I've done wrong.

I bought the x-atc-chatter and copied the files into the sounds directory as per the manual. I set the root directory as "[p2atcpath]\sounds" and then loaded P2ATC - for the first few seconds I heard A LOT of chatter but it was one file after another so I set the min and max delay between files. Now I'm not hearing anything during a whole flight.


If anyone could help me it'd be greatly appreciated.

James W



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Try adding "\ATC_Chatter" to the end of the Root folder path.  It can actually be left blank when using the default folder like it seems you are.

Also, be sure the Chatter mode is set to Controllers.


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