.air vs .cfg. What does what and where should I edit?

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Hi all,

A quick question; what is the relationship between .air and ,cfg files when modifying an aircraft? I think I'm asking which format FSX reads data from or prioritises and what I should modify as there seems to be some duplication between the two formats.

Also, while I'm here... In the aircraft config, what is the signifcance of the [headings] in the .cfg file? Could for example, all the engine settings be grouped under one [heading]?

Thanks in advance,


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Don't quote me, but you can make changes in the aircraft.cfg which tend to override the .air file.  I would not mess with any of the [headings] in the aircraft.cfg

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Hi D,

I've dabbled in the dark art of air file edits - it's truly not for the uninitiated and it's not easy... A single edit can affect far more than you would expect from a layman's perspective... Most of dynamics are controlled in the air file - the cfg file just seems to make an end user readable file to tweak things a bit more... Both files do work hand in hand... I used "Air Wrench" (MudPond via Flight1) the most to modify the flight dynamics - but I've played with the other tools as well... LOL - if you're an aeronautical engineer - disregard my previous... 

The headings are just tags so the sim knows where to look for the information - I don't know if you can group them as you mentioned...


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