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Active Sky w/Skyforce, ASCA, ENVTEX

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Currently I have Active Sky and run that with ASCA and Skyforce.  I realized that I also have Envtex but never really used it.  If I want to try Envtex a bit, what sort of differences would I see if I uninstalled ASCA entirely and loaded Envtex?  Right now, I use ASCA for dynamic skies but untick all of the cloud options.  Will I see much of a difference with Envtex?  What do you all like for a good mix of these applications?   Thanks

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Envtex has an ASCA integrated mode which can give you the best of both. So it's not an either/or situation. I pick some skies from Envtex and some from ASCA, same with clouds, etc. Just gives you more options.




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40" 4K Monitor 3840x2160 - AS16, ASCA, GEP3D, UTX, Toposim, ORBX Regions, TrackIR
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I'm running AS with ASCA, Envtex and Envshade - they all seem to work in harmony, integration is easy and the end result is quite realistic. Envshade seems to work much better than PTA and a lot easy to update and change settings.

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