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Honeycomb Alpha Yoke Availability ???

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Friday I ordered an Alpha yoke. There was no out of stock notices on the order page when I placed my order. This moring I see an out of stock notice on the description page of the yoke, not on an ordering page. I emailed them to see what the deal is. My CC has been hit for the yoke. No one else has inventory. Anyone have any idea of the situation.

I could not bring myself to dropping the coin for a Yoko+. Might have to if I hit the out of stock wall with Honeycomb.Hopefully they will refund my $260 if they are indeed completely out of stock. My thinking was they wanted to ship right from their inventory rather than give up the bit of margin for other vendors. Can't blame them. Surely they would not have taken my order and $$$ on the order page without a backorder notice??



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Agree, every where I have looked I see out of stock.

OUT OF STOCK. The upcoming release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has created unprecedented demand for flight simulator hardware. We are receiving regular shipments of all items, however, demand has far exceeded the available supply. 

Orders are being filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Orders placed now for the Honeycomb Alpha Flight Yoke and Switch Panel are expected to be shipped the week of August 31, 2020. We never charge you until the day that we actually ship your product and you can cancel any time prior to shipment.



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Quick followup. I received an email from Honeycomb informing me that I did in fact order one of the last available yoke's from their werbsite and my order ws firm. It took about 12 days but it arrived on my doorstep yesterday. I feel lucky. Honeycomb was quick and very responsive to my inquiries.

I will be adding this to a rig that already has a Warthog HOTAS and throttle. Will most likely use the HOTAS for DCS warbirds and fighterjock learning and install the Honeycomb for both P3D and MS2020.

I'm thinking I will use FSUIPC without the Honeycomb setup "drivers" and input configurator for P3D and attempt, at some point, to use the Honeycomb software for MS2020 when I get around to further exploring GA aircraft in MS2020.

I'll stop by the FSUIPC forum and may bounce back here for some direction if I run into configuration isues. Of note, I'm hoping I can utilize my existing FSUIPC profiles.I imagine I would have to open an editor and remove all the HOTAS inputs in my various ini files for aircraft, then go back in and assign my control axis to the new Honeycomb yoke.

Or...... just bit the bullet, back up all my config profile files and start from scratch mapping out buttons and axis that would include both the TM throttle and all the buttons on the yoke for each aircraft "from the beginning". Might be a good time to upgrade the paid version of FSUIPC while I'm at it.

Going to have to give this some serious thought and think about layouts for the 737NGXu, twin engine DA62 and a A2A Bonanza, all of which comprise most of my flight time.

This might get complicated.... 

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