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Jeff Nielsen

First tornados of the 06' chase season at OSS HQ today

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Yes, a man size F4 or F5 would be the best. It also helps to be on the south side of these cells for better viewing and in less hilly terrain so you can see the undercast better.These cells were moving at about 50-75 mph so actual chasing wouldn't have been easy.We're actually still in a watch right now. In 3 more hours we would have almost 24 solid hours of severe wx. Most events only last about 6-8 hours.It was fun though, to hear the sirens

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Hi Jeff; Downloading the video as I type this. I came down to KC out of the Twin Cities last night. When I left Roseville Mn, it was 42F and cloudy. By the time I Got to Albert Lea I hadrun thru rain, freezing rain, sleet, and a Blizzard. Another 30 mi got me severe Tstmsand hail. Went down for a mandatory ten hour break at Ames Ia and awoke to the sound of hail hittingthe truck roof. Got a dandy lightning, thunder, and rain display before Des Moines. After Des Moines the precip quit and I had to fight a 25 Gusting 39 crosswind which kept trying to put my lightly loaded back trailer into the WRONG traffic lane. The wind finally laid down somewhat around Holt. But as we used to say in the Air Force....cheated death, again. I'm now safely holed up at the "Super 8" across from Worlds of Fun, nursing a WELL deserved Beam on the rocks. I've heard a lot of descriptive phrases used for our midwest weather, but BORING ain't one of 'em.:-lol BTW: Speaking of Holt, Mo it holds the world record for the most rain measured over a given time period.....9in in 48 min, back in '48 or '49. Just a little Mo spring shower.:-xxrotflmao Just watched the Video...glad to see " NO OSS Personell" were harmed.:-) Drop me a PM as I'm in KC all the time and were probably not 5 mi apart when I'm in town,be glad to buy a cuppa or something.:-beerchug DennyProfessional Tourist Ps: On a much more somber note 9 known dead in far :(

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