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Winter Dirt Because Winter Is Not Over Yet!!

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Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Presenting a nice Boeing 777-200lr flight from CYEG Edmonton International Airport  located 14 nautical miles south southwest of downtown Edmonton to KSEA Seattle–Tacoma International Airport  located approximately 14 miles south of downtown Seattle

Airborne on climb to Fl360 after take off climbing through clouds


Now cruising at Fl360 across Canadian Rockies in Banff area


Dig those winter dirt details!


Cruising while admiring cockpit view of Canadian Rockies


All gauge readings look good!


Check out sun!!


Checking gauges again to be sure everything looks okay


Still cruising past Slocan lake


Some clever passenger using fancy camera with extremely powerful long range camera lense spotted this plane cruising below


Nice combo of engine view, river view of Upper Arrow lake, and sun


Approaching town or city of Kelowna visible below the nose of the plane


Same clever passenger used his fancy camera to capture this same plane climbing to Fl380 to avoid possibility of wake tuberlance caused by monster GE90 engines of my plane


Passing Kelowna and river of Okganagan lake


Same clever passenger using his camera captured the view of the same plane descending to Fl360 to fly in formation with my plane


Passing the same city or town where you can see bridge called William R. Bennett Bridge also known as highway route number 97 across the river in which its name is already mentioned above


Time to start descending!!


Same clever photographer used his camera to capture view of the same plane maneuvering to get ready for descent too


Still descending


Now at 10,000 ft above Summit Chief mountain


Clearing mountains which signals time to descent from 10,000 ft to 4,000 ft


Nice engine view of two famous stadiums lumen Field stadium and T-Mobile Park stadium with view of highway route 28 leading to two stadiums in front of engine and highway route 5 from left going right to engine intake


Engine view of bridge called lacey V Morrow Bridge also known as highway route 90 connecting between Seattle  suburb called Judkins Park seen in front of engine and Mercer Island


Yeah the famous Seattle port


Passing the two same stadiums already mentioned previously


Because of regulations not permitting more than 20 screenshots per post, please be kind enough to go to this hyperlink seen below to continue viewing exciting screenshots.

Here is hyperlink: https://calclassic.proboards.com/thread/10352/winter-dirt-over

Thank you for viewing.  Stay tuned for next exciting flight report.



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This is the 2nd time, I'm catching this nice AC livery, here, this week...great set...good Posky VC rendition too...!

BTW, Aharon, maybe, your "clever passenger"...🙂...actually threw in a shot or two of this CRJ...coincidentally in the same (nice) paint...🙂...(while you were busy checking those gauge readings in the 777 cockpit)....

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Nice set of shots !

cheers 😉

My Rig : Intel I7-7820X 8 Core ( 16 Threads ) @ 4,5,  Asus Prime X299-A,  32 GB 3600-16 Trident Z,  750W Corsair CX750 80+ Bronze,  MSI 8GB RTX 2080 Super Ventus XS OC,

WD 4TB and WD 6TB 7200 HD,  Windows 10 V.1909, in use 3 4K monitors 2x32 Samsung 1x27 LG  3840x2160.

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P7878 and pmplayer,

Thanks for your kind words.




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