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Brandenburg for P3dv5...question

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I was looking forward to Brandenburg, Berlin, airport opening not too long ago. When my wife and I were in Berlin a few years ago, we flew into Tegel, and a tour guide talked about Brandenburg replacing Tegel in the near future.  I see that it finally opened to the public in May, 2020.  So, I searched for it today for P3dv5, and saw that a version is sold at Simmarket, and another version is sold at Simshack.  Do any of you have a preferred version of this airport (EDDB)?  I am looking for the best rendition and scenery surrounding the airport.  One is higher priced than the other, but I'd rather pay more if it is the best rendition and has additional outlying scenery included.


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Stan, there is only one version of Berlin Brandenburg, as far as I know.
It was developed by LimeSim and sold under Aerosoft brand.

The price difference may be due to different shops and, maybe, different sims the version is for.
What you need is the P3Dv5 Professional version. It actually is quite an old product, but vacuumed and updated a bit.

As for the surroundings, well, if your are satisfied with a slight improvement, you can download the free Berlin Geoscene addon from Simmershome (you have to register there though):
But your best bet will certainly be ORBX EU Germany North. It is payware of course. It is a great looking VFR scenery, but it will decrease your performance when combined with airport add-ons.
Maybe wait for the Black Friday sale to get it cheaper (who knows, maybe 40-50%):

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I would add one additional thing based on Rafal's good advice,

If you decide or have Orbx EU Germany North, then I would recommend that the EDDB installer available with the Orbx patch be used to ensure the textures match between region and airport.

I have the EDDB Prof scenery and purchased mine from Aerosoft at the time and I actually received 4 different installers, 2 for P3D v4 of which one has the Orbx patch included and another 2 for P3Dv5, again one with the Orbx patch and one without.


I am not sure if the other online shops you mention supply all 4 installers.



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