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Historic airport under eye of Eminent Domain

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>>>I don't know both sides of the story, but do not personally>support eminent domain.>>>--->AndrewThanks to the idiotic Supreme Court ruling on the subject, this sort of thing is going on all across the nation. Not for the public use like schools and roads, as was the original intent of the Constitution but to line developers and local government pockets. In this case though they have 2 things going for them. Since the township has to vote to approve the bond to pay for it, which will inevitably raise their taxes, I don't think they will do that, unless there is a clear benefit to them. Building additional homes on the site, I don't think will cut it. The people are smarter then the government! The general population in most areas is also anti eminent domain. Also since it is an airport, I would think they would need federal approval, (FAA?) When Chicago took Miegs, I believe they were fined by the FAA for not going through the proper channels.

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