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Back to the (love of) Mountains - Munich to Zugspitze

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The Alps Mountain ranges are (geographically) distributed primarily among several countries as follows: Austria (29%), Italy (27%), France (21%), and Switzerland (13%). For non-natives of Europe, as I am, these are the 4 countries, that probably come foremost to mind when we think of the Alps, and, personally speaking, not sure why, but the Swiss Alps, come to my mind first. Anyway, if one adds up the numbers above, it comes to 90%. The rest 10% are shared by Germany, Slovenia, Liechtenstein and Monaco, with Germany taking the major share of it with 6%. This German part of the Alps lies exclusively in the state of Bavaria. It's therefore also commonly called the Bavarian Alps... (As it happened, today, I caught sight of a BMW, in front me, at the traffic light...and I was thinking...here's a "B" that also stands for the German state of Bavaria, the birthplace of BMW...🙂...). 

The Bavarian Alps, stretching west from the (remote) southeastern corner of Germany, and located along the German-Austrian border, might be less-known externally than the rest of the Alps, but are recognized to be no less majestic, beautiful and dramatic. The Zugspitze is the highest peak of the Bavarian Alps and also the highest mountain in Germany. It's a bit unusual (and interesting) to know that this mountain can be ascended (and its summit be reached) from both countries. A short distance away from it, across the border, to the south, the towering Austrian Alps ranges begin...

I've (virtually) attempted to explore the Bavarian Alps, before, in my past SIMs, but without much success, primarily because, one needs imagery from both Germany and Austria, to do this properly, for reasons cited above. So, to see how it looks, with MSFS, I've set up a flight, here, from Munich Airport (EDDM) to Zugspitze, across a short (direct/GPS) distance of about 65 miles. 

The Zugspitze is shown in my shot #s (11,12,13), with the Austrian Alps quickly upcoming further south (see the next 4 shot #s (14,15,16,17). Not sure if it's my own perception (it could be also an artifact of my Xbox system), the (mountain) imagery from this (Germany/Austria) MSFS Update, appeared less sharp compared to my experience from the (MSFS) Update for Canada (and Mount Robson) ...see my earlier post.

Hope you enjoy this set of images of my trip to the Bavarian Alps, and also the images of this (attractive) TBM 930 turboprop, that (precisely) took me there. 

Thanks for viewing.




















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Beautiful set, like the pics around the Zugspitze 👍

cheers 😉

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Very nice flight, P_7878! I also like that paint job on your TBM 🙂

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Outdid yourself with the mountain motif this time. And that's a beautiful plane you selected for your flight.

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pmplayer, bernd, John, ikbenik:

Thank you. Glad you liked these images (and this airplane...🙂...) ...

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