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David Roch

That oh so controversial plant!

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Well as the title says it all... this thread shall be about those of us with or without our licenses, that enjoy that cursed herb :-lol. I've never seen this thread on Avsim and well since at my local airport a few guys do meet up in the back of one old hangar, and enjoy some good times, I thought it right to bring it up here in hangar chat. So tell me what you think on America's failed drug war and what we can do to change it, given all the beneficial evidence from leading science organizations that overall, cannabis is much more safer than other forms of medicine available... as well as being safer as the common, legal forms, of mind altering drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. Let's be sincere here and not call each other loser potheads, I hold many ratings and am very successful in life to anyone's standards. Let's get educated on this and discuss the current (since the 1930's) state of 'Reefer Madness' :-abduct

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This topic is now closed to further replies.