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    Stick and Rudder Studios is pleased to announce the release of FS-ATC-Chatter.

    FS-ATC_Chatter is a collaboration with LiveATC.net to bring high quality ATC audio clips to the flight simulation community. The collection has over 24,000 audio files designed to support the controller chatter playback capability in Pilot2ATC. The product also includes a stand-alone player for FSX, FSX Steam Edition, P3D V1 – V5, and MSFS 2020 for those people that don’t use Pilot2ATC.

    • Clips are broken down into separate files each of which represents a single exchange between a pilot and an ATC facility such as Clearance, Ground, Tower, Departure, Center, Approach, and for VFR CTAF.
    • The separate files for each exchange allow Pilot2ATC or the stand alone player to insert pauses between playback allowing for you to interact naturally with ATC.
    • The clips are categorized by world region so you can install a collection of clips for the area of the world you are flying in. Version 1.0.0 has the following file counts by region:
      • United States: 7,237
      • Europe: 5,681
      • Canada: 4,884
      • South America: 102
      • Asia: 3,988
      • Africa: 32
      • Oceania: 2,576

    You can read more about the product, watch a demo video, and download a demo version at Stick and Rudder Studios

    Edited by Chuck_Jodry-VJPL

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    Just finished my first flight with this app and it added much to my sim. Works flawlessly and facilities change when I change aircraft radio. I've wanted something like this for a long time to complete my immersion. until now I only monitored default ATC because I do not care for on line ATC and canned programs are just too predictable and unrealistic.  This program really fills the empty space.  

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