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    Just Planes TUI 787 Review


    Publisher: JUST PLANES

    Description:  TUI 787


    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter




    + Cockpit filming using 6 cameras for great views on takeoff & landing!

    + Briefings & Checklists

    + Cockpit set-up

    + Cockpit Presentations

    + Aircraft Systems

    + Electronic Flightbag

    + Airport Departure/Arrival Charts

    + External Walkaround

    + Fantastic scenery



    Flight Information

    AMS Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS





    With TUI Netherlands launching their 787 service to St. Maarten and Curacao, Just Planes took full advantage of this opportunity to film one of their first flights. The program begins at Amsterdam where the flight crew complete a thorough review of their dispatch documents which includes weather, route and airport alternates. Considering this type of information is essential for any flight, but it is even more so important for long haul flights on a two engine aircraft. After the dispatch briefing is completed, the crew makes their way to the aircraft where it is setup for departure. During the cockpit preparation, viewers will also be able to see the setup of the FMC, EFB and receive a very detailed explanation of the APU start. These presentations are only the beginning of what would be one of the most detailed programs featuring the 787.

    After departing Amsterdam, our Captain discusses many details about the EFB, Oceanic Clearance and various systems of the 787 that are very enlightening. In addition to a discussion on the systems, you will also receive and overview of the cockpit where the spacious yet stylish cockpit layout is nicely showcased. Upon our approach to St. Maarten, the scenic view of the shimmering Caribbean Sea leaves no wonder to why this destination is quite popular. With the famous Maho Beach just beyond the threshold of the runway, this island is a gem to be seen from the cockpit of the 787 and from the beach.

    Shortly after landing at St. Maarten, viewers are given the opportunity to tag along for a thorough walkaround inspection of the aircraft. After such a long flight, this is the idle opportunity to inspect the aircraft for any damages. Once this has been completed, we head back to the cockpit and depart for a short flight to Curacao. As expected, one of the most significant highlights of this flight was the takeoff from St. Maarten which featured the standard sharp right hand turn to avoid the mountains straight ahead of the departure path. This Captain’s only departure procedure allows the viewers to have a final view of the beautiful island of St. Maarten before landing at the equally beautiful island of Curacao.

    The final segment of this program takes us from Curacao to Amsterdam bringing an end to this insightful and entertaining journey. After an uneventful night time departure, some 8 hours later we find ourselves crossing the Dutch coast on approach to Schiphol airport. The highlights of our final flight were mostly scenic, but it was also a great opportunity to see the professionalism of the TUI flight crew as they conducted their approach briefings and other duties of flying this modern airliner. Ultimately, this program will put a smile on the face of anyone who has a strong interest in the 787 and for anyone who is an aviation enthusiast. Just Planes has once again done an outstanding job in capturing some of the best 787 footage available today. I certainly hope that TUI continues to open its doors so that the world can see and experience the thrill of aviation.




    Video Preview




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