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  1. I heartily second that emotion. Dave and his wonderful program are the best. Joe Long
  2. Joe Long

    A Big Thank You

    I couldn't agree more. Dave, you are the absolute best! There is absolutely no better support than the support that you provide to your customers. And, without a doubt, Pilot2ATC is, by far, the finest ATC program in existence. Thank you. Joe
  3. Joe Long

    Problem With Saitek x52 Pro

    After installing FSW, my Saitek X52 Pro, as well as my Saitek Foot Pedals, worked fine. After a few flights, FSW no longer recognized those peripherals. I can set them up in the Settings section of FSW, but when I go to the flight screen, to begin my flight, no connections. I know that the peripherals are working. I tested them in XP 11 and Aerofly FS2. Anybody else experiencing this condition? Thanks, Joe Long
  4. Joe Long

    Announcement To All Flight School Owners

    Thanks, Cryss. That's very generous, and very much appreciated. Eagerly looking forward to the new sim. Joe
  5. Joe Long

    Beta 7 is out

    Landing Light Switch is still not functioning in Beta 8.
  6. Hello Dave, I don't know if this has been addressed, or if it is something on my end. After creating a flight plan (VFR or IFR), I attempt to export it as a pln file to either FSX:SE or P3Dv3.x. The exported file name appears in my flight plan folder(s), but cannot not be opened by the simulator. Curiously, when I start ASN, and import a flight plan to it, the plans created in P2Av2 and exported to FSX:SE and P3Dv3.x load, and look fine. Thanks, Joe
  7. Joe Long

    Nav Radio Key Pad

    Hello Dave, When I click on the Nav 1 or Nav 2 STBY frequency in the bottom left of the main P2A window, the keypad displays on the right side. My intention is to change the Nav radio frequency. However, when I click on any of the numbers in the keypad, in order to change the frequency, nothing happens. The numbers that I click on the pad do not appear in the blue selection box above the pad number buttons. There is absolutely no response to my input. This happens on all of the aircraft that I checked. I have been testing P2A v2 with my default Cessna 172, flying both VFR and IFR plans. The problem exists for me whether I am on the ground or in the air. I am still using version 1, and the problem with the Nav radio does not exist there. Thank you, Joe Hello Again Dave, A follow up to my above post: I fired up P2A and FSX:SE, and clicked on the STBY as usual. This time, I used the num keypad on my keyboard to change the frequencies, and discovered that it worked fine. The mouse is still inoperable for that function. Thanks, Joe
  8. The keypad used to change the Nav Radio frequencies does not work on my installation of Pilot2ATC v2. I've tried a number of aircraft, but no success. The problem does not exist on Version 1. Joe
  9. Joe Long

    Electric Trim Wheel

    Is it possible that you have the auto pilot on?
  10. Joe Long

    How often do you fly default planes?

    I fly the 172 . Its one of my favorite aircraft. Otherwise, all payware, especially the Aerosoft Airbus Extended X, and the Aerosoft Twin Otter X.
  11. Joe Long

    Realistic taxi thrust?

    Hi Brian,I would appreciate it if you could possibly send me a copy of sim1.dll. My email address is you in advance.Joe
  12. Joe Long

    Realistic taxi thrust?

    Hi Brian,I'd like to jump on the request list for the taxi thrust dll. I really appreciate your help.Please mail to thanks,Joe
  13. Joe Long

    Flight planning "assistant".

    Hi Gig,Try I'm pretty sure I got here in the Avsim Library. It's an XML file, so you must have Excel for it to work.Hope this helps.Joe
  14. Joe Long

    Milton's Beech 18 is out!

    Thanks, Milton. Got it, and will install now.May I say, your Beech 18 is outstanding, and a joy to fly. Thanks for your continued excellent work.Joe>AFAIK, the increments are a time function and may vary with>system load.>>Sorry, I cannot maintain a website for support beyond what I>have. I always respond to email and I usually catch up to>main forums in short order.>>Joe, the Transponder and other things are available on the>FAQ's and Known Problems page of the website.>>
  15. Joe Long

    Milton's Beech 18 is out!

    Hi,Where would I find the transponder panel for Milton's Beech 18? I've scoured the file library, but no luck.Thanks for any help.Joe>Milton,>I hope you're still following this thread since I have a>question . Every time I open or close the cowl flaps, the>percentage numbers come up different. For instance, one time>the numbers will jump in large increments (0%, 38%, 68% &>100%), and other times in smaller increments (0%, 23% 43%,>etc). One time I couldn't achieve the same percentage for both>cowl flaps at the same time.>Has anyone else seen this anomoly?>By the way, it would be nice, if possible, to have a way to>ask questions on your web site for the Beech. And thanks for>the transponder panel. Great and useful addition in keeping>with the theme and times.>>ilovetofly>>