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  1. Hello Flightsimmers! Just a note to tell you how GREAT Flightbeams KSFO 2.0 is! It is very detailed and is actually better on the framerates than the original !! If you are looking for very realistic scenery, then get Flightbeams KSFO! Paul
  2. Paul

    Megascenery Las Vegas

    I know that this will supercede Ground Environment X in the Las Vegas area, however will it mess things up around it?Paul
  3. Paul

    KSFO Freezes

    Hello,Everytime I am at Ksfo, especially if the visual scenery includes the airport buildings, the sim freezes....Does anyone know why and how to fix?Thank you!Paul
  4. I was looking forward to this scenery, however when I went Salt Lake Intn., my machine was brought to it's knees....This is quite unusual for my machine....I know your asking to tell you about the rig....I'll I can say is it is a top of the line Alienware with a SLI video set up and lots of ram...Maybe I'll do some "teaking and try again.....Paul
  5. Paul

    Priority Question

    Thank you, Randall!
  6. Hi,Does anybody remember how I can make the PC remember to keep FSX.exe in High Priority, rather than having to go to the task manager all the time?Thank you,Paul
  7. Paul

    FSNAV 5

    Hello,For those who have been watching and waiting for FSNAV 5, it seems we have a great mystery as to whether or not there is going to be a new version.My question is, isn't there some software company or someone who knows how to develop software, who can put out a very similar product?It seems there are many of us who are waiting for this product that is willing to spend the money for it....Someone could make a lot of money off this!!IMHO,Paul
  8. Thank you, Bob.....Those are wise words...Paul
  9. Oh..Hey, we became members of this forum just about the same time!
  10. It seems that all the payware and freeware is very slow in coming out compared to previous versions of FS.....What is the slowdown?Paul
  11. Hello again,I asked this question a couple of days ago, however no one wanted to answer or knows the answer, so I will ask again....Could someone explain why the above-captioned forum is not updated or is being used anymore?Thank youI ask, as this was a great resource for those looking to enhance their FS experience.....
  12. Is this forum down? I haven't seen anything new for a few days.....
  13. Whether we have high frame rates or low, screeming video cards or not, etc, etc, etc.....May we be thankful for all our many blessings beyond our flight simulators!!!God bless us all!Paul