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  1. Thank you very much Patrick! I downloaded the SDK and found the information I want!!Best regards!
  2. Helo guys,I'm trying to make some edits on a smoke file. It has some document to explain the parameters showed in the effects files? There is some program that built smoke files?I want to understand what is that numbers showed in the effects files.Thanks for any help!!
  3. martoni


    I agree: incredible job of this pilot!!Thanks God!
  4. Thanks God, and the Pilot, everybody is ok!!!!
  5. Ok, great to hear this Charlie! Thanks for your help!Best regards!
  6. Hello guys,I posting here because I cant find anything for how the FS9 sounds work, and how to make them.Eny help?Tnxs in advanced!
  7. Hello guys,I'm having a little problem here: I'm repaint a plane made it in GMax, but when I add some alpha to make the reflections it shows like a transparency.Is a model design problem or ther is a trick for this?The model in question is the FS9 SNJ-5 by Cliff Presley. I already contact the autor, but no answer yet.Glad for eny help!Regards
  8. AMAZING shots man! Cant wait to have mine!Regards.
  9. :-zhelp I'm a slave of FS, hehehe! Guys, I just read all of the post and I can sure you, I'm not alone in this world!!!!Best regard!
  10. Hello fellas,it's really a shame and I'm very sad to see this things here. But I believe in the policy here and hope they get them very quick.Regards.
  11. I just cat wait to see this great plane on Varig colors. Nice Job! btw. there is a site to see the evolution of work?Regards,
  12. Hello,I've installed 40.41 and have no problens at all, but, when I tray to open some mpg's, my WMP freezes my machine! Eny idea?Regards,
  13. Hey Nick, I'm not a expert, but when I install the FS 2002, I've a gain in performance over the old 2000, because the engenie of 2002 is better. They work great in low end sistems. I think you should try it!Regards!
  14. Please, what is the best way to overcloking my TMT2 Ultra: Low Level or Driver Level? I read the help file in the Riva Tuner but dont find a good explanation.Thanks.
  15. Thanks Greg! You help a lot.
  16. What program is better for tweak my TNT2 Ultra 32Mb: RivaTuner or NVmax? I'm using the detonator 30.30.My espcs: PIII 650 Mhz 256 RAM Win XP Home HD 13Gb Txs in advanced!
  17. Hey Alex, where I can get this programs? Txs in advanced.
  18. Thank you Aaron! You make a kid happy again, hehehe!Regards!
  19. I just delet my link to Project Freeware Group (PFG). Could someone post it to me? Thanks a lot!Regards!
  20. I post this just to check my posts here!Regards to all!
  21. Hey stone,i've expirienced something like this before, but the preblem was with the panel, and soon as I changed, the problem gone!Have you changed the panel? Or is the same before the crashs.
  22. OK! Thanks again, you help a lot!Regards.
  23. Thanks again! But I think very seriusly to buy a new Video Card!I'm looking for a GForce 4, but I've see a lot of posts aboutproblems with FS2k2.
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