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  1. Nigel,Search the Avsim library using my last name. You'll find documents that will help you determine "generic V-Speeds". In real-life, airlines have takeoff charts / calculations for specific airports and runways that take into consideration numerous factors such as elevation, obstacles, runway slope, runway length, etc. Though hard to read, I have an example of such a chart in my A300 performance pdf showing the specific v-speeds to use when departing runway 15L at Toulouse.Hope this helps.Matt Zagoren
  2. Hey guys!Yesterday, I was flying around Prescott, AZ in Veneaviones' Turbo Commander when FS blue-screened on me and my computer re-booted. Since then, I've been unable to get past the splash screen in FS9. In fact, the splash screen appears for only a few seconds then it is gone. Event viewer shows and error but it is very vague (I'm at work now and can't access the details at this moment). Figuring something got scrambled, I moved fs9.cfg to another directory in hopes of having FS create a new cfg file. Still, no joy. BTW, FS did create a new cfg file but it was of 0 size.Any ideas? Could the registry entry have gotten fu-bard? Matt ZagorenAMD 64 3700+ San DiegoASUS A8V rev. 2.01 Gig Corsair RAM (2 x 512 Dual-Channel)2 WD 80GB SATA HD, RAID 0 eVGA Nvidia 6800GS
  3. The benchmark tests you posted appear to be for the PCI-Express version. With that said, I own the 6800GS AGP version and must say it is one excellent card for the money.http://www.guru3d.com/article/Videocards/314/
  4. It depends - do you have the extra $200.00 to burn? If so, I'd say yes since FS9 is heavily dependent on the CPU. However, the actual % increase in speed you would see is hard to predict. BTW, for an extra $11.00 (based on newegg.com prices) you can buy the 3700+ San Diego chip with 1MB of L2 cache vs the 3500+'s 512KB.
  5. Hey guys!I'm having a strange problem with FS9. When I perform a cold boot (power off start) and run FS9, my frame rates are cut in half and there is a lot of stuttering. After exiting FS9 and restarting the computer using XP's restart function (warm boot), everything runs fine - smooth as glass with high frame rates. Any ideas as to what could be causing this behavior? This started after I upgraded my processor and motherboard.Athlon FX 3700+ San DiegoAsus A8VeVGA 6800GS AGP 256bit 256MB DDR32 WD 80Gig HD's SATA RAID 01 Gig (4 x 256) Kingston ValueRamI don't have any other games on my system so I can't tell you if this affects anything other than flightsim.Thanks!Matt Zagoren
  6. Jaap,Thanks for your thoughts. Could you be more specific regarding the shortcomings with SATA and PCI?Thanks,Matt
  7. I currently have the following system:Asus P4P800 DeluxeP4 2.80 Northwood, OC to 3.11GB Kingston DDR400 ValueRameVGA 6800GS 256MB 256-Bit DDR3 AGP2 WD 80GB SATA HDs - RAID 0I want to upgrade but since my video card is fairly new, I want to stay with an AGP motherboard. I'm looking at the ASUS A8V (AGP) with an AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego. Will I notice a nice improvement in frames with the new motherboard and cpu? Or will I be flushing $290.00 down the drain? Thanks,Matt Zagoren
  8. I've got the same problem...Matt Zagoren
  9. Just tried running ASG again. Upon the first try, it crashed within in a second or two. The second try was successful. Nothing in event viewer to indicate why.
  10. I can't open the program at all. It just keeps on crashing. I'll check event viewer tonight and see if it has anything interesting to say.
  11. The CTD happens when I try to open ASG by itself. FS is not running when this happens. When I double-click on the icon, the program displays the splash or initial window for a second or two then poof - it's gone with no error message.
  12. Hi guys! I've been using ActiveSky for the past 6 months and just love it. However, I'm having a problem I hope you can help me with. I recently installed SP3. After doing so, Active Sky Graphics gives me a CTD within a few seconds of launch. Any ideas other than re-installing? :)Matt Zagoren
  13. Project Fokker's support page has the answer to the EPR Gauge problem:http://fokker.avsim.net/support.htm:)Matt Zagoren
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