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  1. Top Hans, as always !Your site is a learning Walhalla.Thanks for that.Hessel
  2. Hessel_Oosten

    737 Measurements

    Go to the downloads of www.flightdeckbuilder.nlHessel
  3. Hessel_Oosten

    737 MCP Panel

    Daimon,Also good info at: http://www.flightdeckbuilder.nl/Register, go to downloads and look for all the 737 info.Hessel
  4. Hessel_Oosten

    "DZUS fasteners"

    See attached pictures.Home brew "DZUS fasteners".Hessel Oosten
  5. Hessel_Oosten


    http://www.viperpit.org/forum/viewtopic.ph...6216eee03561555Hessel Oosten
  6. Hessel_Oosten

    cnc machine

    http://www.colinbus.comAbout 1600 Euro's.Hessel
  7. Hans,Absolutely fantastic !!Thanks a lot for all your information.Immediately all here to Conrad .....Hessel
  8. Removing all messages in FS2004 can be accomplished easily by editting the fs9.cfg (in C:Documents and SettingsYOUR NAMEApplication DataMicrosoftFS9) by adding to the [MAIN] (between square brackets) section the sentence: HideInfoText=1 This has the disadvantage that all the screen messages are suppressed. Of course other edits (e.g. removing SLEW, PARKING BRAKES, or leaving only 1 letter of a word etc.) can be easily done, if needed, see below. Download the freeware Hex-Editor :frhed. Homepage: http://www.kibria.de/frhed.html Than the beta (no problem with this beta ! ) version: http://www.rs.e-technik.tu-darmstadt.de/ap.../frhed-v1.1.zip and install. Place the language.dll from your Fs2004 in the frhed directory. You did make a reserve copy already .... Start frhed Choose: File open and than linguage.dll Search (press the "telescope/spy-glass") and search for the sentence you want to remove e.g. SOUND OFF (or what it is, in your language). Important (!!) : In the search window tick UNICODE otherwide you won'nt find the word you searched for. Than OK to search. Now you have found your beloved word. The screen has a left and right part. In the right part is the word you searched for. If you press the letters with the mouse you can see in the left screen, the digits belonging to it. Press now in the left screen on the digits belonging to the first leeter of the word which you are edditing. Replace all the letters you want to remove by 00 ( two zero's per letter) till you reach the end of the word. Save AS (!) and you are all set. If you like it you can also leave the first letter un-eddited to have one (1) reference letter in your screen. Do what you like. Replace the original linguage.dll with this eddited file. Another way to remove the OVERSPEED message: Go to FS2004 aircraft directory and open the blabla aircraft map. Open the aircraft.cfg file and search for the section: [Reference Speeds] There replace: max_indicated_speed = 365.0 //Red line (KIAS) by max_indicated_speed = 900.0 //Red line (KIAS) WAS 365.0, so make it unrealistic high, nonsense This trick does not work for SOUNDOFF, SLEW, PARKING BRAKES etc. Therefore you need hex-edditing or hideinfotext (see before). So, now back to flying, with a cosmetically "clean screen" .... Hessel
  9. Hi ??See attached pictures.Rotary from FlightDeckSolutions.com, Gray type.Also available at OpenCockpits.com, Gray typeHessel
  10. Hessel_Oosten

    FS AutoStart

    Jeff,What's your mail ?Will send it.Hessel (Netherlands)
  11. Hessel_Oosten

    Flight Planner

    John,Look at the home base of FsBuild: http://www.fsbuild.com/and ask the author where the freeware version resides.The is a forum.Hessel
  12. Hessel_Oosten

    My First attempt at a MCP

    Hi Polmer,Great !It's great fun to make it yourself ! Did the same.Even greater fun is that you don't need to learn SIOC ......It's all programmed for you.....See: www.nicokaan.nlHessel
  13. And I've seen them in reality !Really great + + + !Hessel
  14. Hessel_Oosten


    Hi Jack,WideView= e.g. 3 pc's networked and all three FS installed.One (center) pc is flying, others slaved and only projecting scenery.WideFs= One pc with Widefs-Server and fs and other pc with only WideFsClient. On this pc is only a fs like environment. Here programs can be run like GPS, moving map but also programs that can "upload" info to Fs pc like Active Sky etc.Undocking = slewing an panel (right click to undock) to another monitor on the same pc. This is what you want.HesselSee also: www.wideview.it
  15. Hessel_Oosten


    Tuomas,I'm also considering this nice device in stead of the WideView setup now (with 3 monitors), but am a little bit concerned about the relativily *thick* edges (bezels) of my 3 CRT monitors.In WideView I can zoom all the views, which gives the effect that the "world continuous behind the monitor bezels", but as far as I kniow this is not possible with the TripleHead2Go.I have the impression in the pictures on the net that you can see that the runway piano keys, runway lining etc. is not complete straight but that there is a little distortion caused by the monitor bezels. The problem is of course less prominent with the small bezels of a LCD monitor.# Is that true ? Is there a solution ?Now I'm looking to -35, 0 and + 35 degrees.# Is the view in the TH2G the same or is is for some reason (fisheye ?) different from the WideView setup ?Hessel