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  1. Like Hans said, the problem is with the wide char.>Odd, since this works:>sprintf(pelement->string,"%s", n_number );Because pelement->string is not a wide char, and you're not using swprintf like he said.Either do what he suggested or use MultiByteToWideChar().Be sure to read up on exactly what a wide char is, and it'll make sense why you get junk. ;)
  2. >First of all, the ATC will never assign you a visual>approach, unless you ask for it. It essencially means that ATC>will vector you to the "localizer", and then you can land>normally.I don't know about elsewhere, but in the US ATC can and will assign a visual approach without you asking for it. You're thinking of a contact approach.A visual approach doesn't have anything to do with the localizer. You could be set up on the downwind and they can clear you for a visual approach. You would just fly it as if you were VFR (because you're in VMC now).
  3. And Aeroworx. Only won the 2005 Bravo Zulu award. Guess not all that many people know of them, though. :-)
  4. Nice work on the PFD/MFD Fabio and Etienne. :-)
  5. Hi Doug. I was the programmer of the A/P for this airplane. This is actually the first time I've seen the completed plane, and the problem is in the EFIS. Whoever programmed the EFIS does not update the actual FS heading bug when you change the value in the EFIS. All it does it add or subtract 1 from it each time you hit the button. The problem is that it doesn't always sync up with what FS thinks the heading bug is set to. The first time I tried the completed plane (just now), it was very obvious what the problem was. FS thought the heading bug was at 030
  6. I made some ASIs and stuff a few years ago in some tests, but it wasn't worth the framerate issues the slower comps see.
  7. Allen, FFS is Flight Factory Simulations. When the King Air was first released, it was purchased on that site. Aeroworx has never accepted payment directly, so I think you bought it from FFS.Send an email to the above address with your purchase information and they'll get you registered with the Flight1 installer.
  8. Allen, did you by chance purchase the aircraft from FFS back in the day? Referring to your very long registration code, it sounds like it.If that's the case, you'll need to email support@aeroworx.com and they'll get you set up with a new code real quick.
  9. Looks like you're about a year late for this post. :-wave
  10. How many hours do you have on the engine? It's set to burn a bit much oil at first until the engine is broken in, then it should slow down a little. I'll check the code and get some exact numbers, however there's nothing that can be done at this point. The RV-7 belongs to FFS, which I am no longer a part of. You would have to ask them for any changes.
  11. Took a couple extra days, but I did check the gauge code.It is indeed impossible to use BOTH in the RV-7. If you try to put it in that position, it will reset to OFF.
  12. Hi Biggles. I was the programmer of the RV-7 gauges for FFS. It has been over a year since I've even looked at the code, but I am fairly certain it is not possible to use the BOTH position. We removed it to prevent any problems if it was somehow placed into that position. The only way to fix it would be to reprogram all the gauges.I can check for sure tomorrow, but I think that's how it is.
  13. Guys, I don't have the code in front of me now, but I believe we made it so that you could not select the BOTH position. We did this so that user who used key presses to change the fuel selector would not have problems with it selecting BOTH. Programmed like this, it will not be possible to go to BOTH.
  14. No cheating from me, but I did use the answer sheet to check my answer. :D
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