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  1. With all due respect, I have to desagree. I fly a Citation and most airports we go to we listen to ATIS during the pre-descent check, usually 15 minutes before descent, 150 miles away from destination. Of course that couldn't be done in a 172 at low level, but trust me at high level there is no problem.In FS I get frustrated because even at FL370 I can't get ATIS until I get within a Cessna 172 range. IMHO, many features of FS only consider light general aviation. Even the 747 is as simple to operate as a 172.Not that there is anything wrong with the 172, I personnaly rent one once in a while, but it gives simmers the wrong impression. It also works the other way, many simmers have the impression that all jets have auto-throttles, VNAV, etc.Regards,Dan
  2. Can someone please explain why Britannia 737NG have a Swedish registration??Than you,Danny
  3. DJ


    The new B1900 looks great, I'm thinking about buying it... I already own the 737NG and I really like it.I have a question: Does the package include a "how to fly" manual, with info like power settings and airspeeds for different profiles?Thanks for the info!Danny
  4. Same problem,I'm getting frustrated, I'm on vacation this week and I could enjoy it if I could download it. Saturday I'll be away until April, I guess I'll be able to download it in April GGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!I know you guys at PMDG are doing your best and I respect your work and patience, but it doesn't take away the fact that I'm frustrated. Waiting until April requires more than patience.............Dan
  5. Thanks for your answer, but I didn't mean the drivers, I meant the registry entry. This is an extract from CH Products download page, explaining the CH Delete program. I want to do the same for my Sidewinder joystick:Software Download- CH Delete Introduction CH Delete was designed to remove registry entries of CH USB devices in order for users to conduct a clean install the controllers.The following information is a brief overview on what CH Delete has to offer as well as its limitations. If you have any questions or problems with installation or operation, please contact our technical support department and we will gladly help you with whatever you need. Why do I need it? In the event you have improperly installed your CH USB controllers you will now be able to remove all traces of the devices from your registry. This enables Windows to "see" the devices as if they had never been plugged into your computer before. Limitations CH Delete only works in Windows (98SE to XP) and only on CH USB products. Thanks,Danny
  6. Is there a way to remove all trace of a joystick from a USB port. I know CH Products offers a program to remove joysticks from ports, but only for CH joysticks. Mine is a Sidewinder.Thanks for the info.Danny
  7. I was wondering if anyone purshased one of the 3 Fly to Caribe scenery packs from flightsim Brazil. I'd like to know if it's worth it.Thanks for the feed backDan
  8. Does anyone know if the great CYHZ, CYYT and CYQM sceneries for FS2002 from Craig Steve Mosher work in FS2004?I know the afcad files won't work but I wonder if I can use the sceneries in cof? ... I miss those sceneries.Thanks for your answers,Danny
  9. I want to first thank the PMDG team for the great job you did with the 737. I paid for it but I got my money's worth and getting the support.The SU2 seems to be great and solves a many issues.I dod have a question however. A lot of comments were made about VNAV in the descent, but I didn't read anything about a problem I have with VNAV in the climb: The throttles don't go high enough during the climb, giving a very shallow climb. For exemple the green dot is at 95% but the throttles stay at 89%. I have to use lvl chg to get the power I want.Thank you for your help, look forward to the SU2 and sorry if this question has been asked before.Danny
  10. Great!The Fokker panel is one of the best freeware panels, and it's been so since FS98!!! Great support, thank you so much Espen for keeping your panel "alive".DannyPS: Does it work well with Dream wings Fokker 50, is a merger required?
  11. Hi Nico,I understand your concern with "realism", however I personnally prefer some compromises for practicallity. For example, I like to have the TOGA swith on the main panel so I don't have to open a new window (panel) to get a switch. In real life I have my finger on it or the FO is ready to activate it on my command, but this is a computer "game" with a 15 to 21" srceen.Another example, something I really liked about the PIC767 was the light switches on the main panel.Sometimes designers focus so much on exact replica (due to demand)that they neglect functionality. I hate having to open a bunch of panels to start the engines. It takes away the realism that so many people ask for. I am a real life professional pilot and I have my own priorities when it comes to panels, planes and scenery that are different from many users that I read on the forums.I respect your opinion but I felt the need to express mine.I hope you enjoy the PMDG 737 as much as I do.Danny
  12. Interesting discussion, I have to "jump in"The SimFlyers team is very talented and they make very "nice" scenery, but sometimes I think (IMHO) they, like many other designers, have their priorities wrong.The question to ask is "which details add to the simulation and wich ones are only "eye candy" that destroy the simulation by lowering framerates unnecessarily?"I like to have taxi lines, taxiway signs, gates and marshallers, but I don't care about the controller in the tower reading his newspaper or the highway signs on the other side of the terminal where I never go.When I look at the tendency of designers to create so much unnecessary details, I wonder what simmers really want and what they do with the sim? Do they use it to "fly" or do they only "drive" around the airport to take screenshots, run in the cabin looking out the windows? I guess some people use a simulator car to drive to the airport, walk through the terminal using active camera and file with the guy reading the newspaper in the tower before doing a walkaround using Active camera???????? During a flight, when they have to go to the washroom they use Active camera and go to the washroom in the cabin?! Designers want to show up their talent and do better than the other guy, that's human nature and it's fine.Let's get back to what we want to accomplish. Personnally I want a realistic and smooth flight. FS9, with it's nice weather, creates such an environment for me. Sorry for being a little sarcastic, I don't mean to offend anyone. Those designers are really talented, including SimFlyers, but we (I) don't want that much details. Stick to the essential to make it a realistic experience. I you kill our framerates it takes away the realism.Dan
  13. Thanks, I appretiate the help!Danny
  14. Does anyone know where I could find Staffan Ahlberg's DC-10 panel for FS2000 with the 2k2 patch?I know Staffan closed his site down, and I totally agree with his reasons, but I'd like to find that panel 'cause I think it's the best DC-10 panel to use with the new DC-10 plane.Thanks!Danny
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