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  1. No Steve, you are never talking to yourself, as there are lurkers........ everywhere ! So, I finally have P3D - what a marvel ! Having just switched from FSX, you can imagine what kind of heaven I'm in.... Of course I do just have vanilla - but to be honest it already looks almost as good, and certainly runs better than FSX heavily modded. ..... ..... Anyhow, I was running FSX (on your advice) using the 116 affinity mask, which just used 4 LPs, and it was really smooth. However, I seem to remember a post where you suggested using just 5 LPs with P3D. Is this still the best way to go with P3D vv2 ? This would mean leaving the 1st Core completely alone for 3rd party apps and the O/S, using just 1 LP of the second core, and all the others: So, I should use 244 -- 11,11,01,00 This then allows Active Sky and the GTN / Dash 8 FDE etc., free to use the 1st 2 LPs (i.e. the entire 1st Core (Core 0), and the P3D app uses just the 1st LP of the 2nd core. Is this still the best case, or would it better to use both LPs of the 2nd Core -- thereby using 6 LPs. Thnx for any advice.
  2. Any update on the iFly 747 v2 ? I'm especially interested in FS2004 - in fact it may affect my decision as to whether to buy the actual plane for FS2004 !
  3. For the guy who is only getting 6 fps with FSX, there is something seriously wrong somewhere.For starters: TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=512 - should be set to 1024, or the sim has to resize textures.Also, "Bloom Lighting" is switched ON - this is a real framerate killer !!! You need to find Nick Needham's guide to installing FSX - it is very good.If I'd paid someone to create that file for me, I would sue them as being a danger to humanity.Did they also tell you that pretty much every time you get a "Crash" in FSX, it rebuilds it anyways - so you'd need to re-copy it across? - In fact if you are not aware of this, your current CFG file may actually bear little resemblance to the one that you "paid" for.The great thing about the Leonardo is that if you are on a old PC, it doesn't use much RAM - around 850 max in busy airport approaches. With the Coolsky, I'm getting 850 at start up - comared to just 600 with the Leonardo. By the time I fly 2 hours and approach a busy airport (Aerosoft Heathrow for example), the Coolsky is upt ot 1.1 GB - when it hits 1.15 GB - Out of Memory Error !!!!So, for me, although the Leonardo Maddog is slightly worse on FPS (although it is configurable via sliders), and doesn't have the built-in totorial stuff and panel-setting, it has zero OMEs. Perfick !!!
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