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  1. An awesome year to come then, Bryan. I already can't wait. :wink:
  2. Thanks for writing it, Bryan. I've been flying it for three days only and I can already say it is an awesome high quality/complexity addon. Virtual Avionics are already developing their CDU for it, and all addons I currently choose to fly must have FS2Crew and Virtual CDU support. I just can't fly without them anymore. So I am very very glad I can expect FSCrew support too.
  3. LOL, exactly. We will certainly thank you for that with our credit cards.
  4. Thank you very much for your reply, Bryan.
  5. Dear Bryan, Do you have any plans (or hopefully have already started) to create FS2Crew for the new iFly 747-400? Looks like an awesome addon to be honest.
  6. A Malev's tupolev 134 some 20 years ago towards Budapest. I admit I was scared but even more fascinated. This engine sound!
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