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  1. Did anyone notice this thread is over two years old? :rolleyes:
  2. Please remember this is the fresh 1.0 version of iFly. You need to give them time to iron out some stuff. The good news is a major service pack is already being prepared for the iFly 744. I am quite sure it will include FD corrections too. I wouldn't get too excited about that part. Each serious FS aircraft developer says the same in their fora and yet there are always quirks, differences and things to improve. All in all this is a fantastic simulation. I cannot fully compare the two 744's as I was using PMDG in my FS9 times and now I am using iFly in FSX. But having said that, in my eyes iFly is so much newer and better product of these two. Not perfect, sure. But was PMDG perfect right out of the shop? Last but not least, everyone can buy iFly from Flight1, make 30 flights (counting one a day) and costlessly give it back if the comparison is in favour of PMDG.
  3. An awesome year to come then, Bryan. I already can't wait. :wink:
  4. Thanks for writing it, Bryan. I've been flying it for three days only and I can already say it is an awesome high quality/complexity addon. Virtual Avionics are already developing their CDU for it, and all addons I currently choose to fly must have FS2Crew and Virtual CDU support. I just can't fly without them anymore. So I am very very glad I can expect FSCrew support too.
  5. I am (already) from the dark side of FSX. But I thought I would drop some lines here (you can always ignore them, lol). If the FS9 version of UUDD is anything similar to the FSX version, I would highly recommend it. A very nicely done scenery of a really huge aerodrome. Good texturing, care for details, and even quite a lot of area outside of the airport perimeter fence has been reproduced (landclass, buildings, forests, train station). If you have some good AI stuff, especially custome made (like me), you will see a lot of interesting Russian and CIS airlines there. Performance is not stellar, but quite fine as for a large airport with heavy traffic. In my FS9 times, I was using the Dancer Design UUDD and it was very nice too. But MDesign is a huge step forward. All in all, compared to the latest UUEE addon, I prefer the UUDD one. I also think it is a more interesting airport in RW.
  6. LOL, exactly. We will certainly thank you for that with our credit cards.
  7. I happily used FS2004 for almost ten years, having collected a really huge number of addons, most of them payware. I switched to FSX less than two years ago and already spent a fortune (from my not a rich person's point of view) on addons. FSX is currently serving me well (it certainly does not perform as well as FS9 but it is clear to me and I learned to accept it). So I am not going to switch to another platform any time soon and start all over again. At least as long as quality addons for FSX are made and supported. I have a feeling many other simmers have a similar point of view. And the survey Tom linked above seems to confirm it.
  8. Thank you very much for your reply, Bryan.
  9. Dear Bryan, Do you have any plans (or hopefully have already started) to create FS2Crew for the new iFly 747-400? Looks like an awesome addon to be honest.
  10. I don't think so. At least I've never seen or heard any news on that.
  11. A Malev's tupolev 134 some 20 years ago towards Budapest. I admit I was scared but even more fascinated. This engine sound!
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