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  1. It's a classic bug you can't really help. If you have a very good system and high performance you may not notice it. But if your performance is weak or average, you prrobably will. It, as mentioned above, also depends on the addon aircraft. Some are less other more pron to it. For instance I see no pointer influence in Majestic Dash, but in iFly 744 I will lose up to 6-7 FPS!
  2. Craig, A nice review indeed, thanks a lot! BTW, yes, PFPX, FSBuild and FSCommander do support iFly flightplans format at the moment. That's right, hotfix1 did not adress performance. I have high hopes it may change with a full service pack.
  3. Even though I am a big fan of 747 and an all-time supporter of iFly (see my current signature banner for instance), I have to agree. I myself find it hard to belive but... I have hangared this addon for the time being and fly NGX, 777, AS A32X and MJS Q400 again. I also find its performance unacceptable. Where I have 20-25 FPS in other complex VC's at large busy airports with RW WX, with iFly they will be around 12-18 FPS and sometimes drop to single digits! This is especially visible after arriving at the destination airport. I remember my bad experience when I bought iFly 744 but also FB KDEN at the Black Friday sale. I flew the 744 into Denver and after landing I was taxiing with 4-9 FPS. I initially thought the scenery must be a performance killer, so I switched into PMDG 777 for a check. And the FPS in T7 appeared to be around 15-25, which for me is acceptable at large airports. Just to be able to fly the iFly 744, I completely gave up on AI traffic, first time ever (I am an AI geek, passionately compiling my own traffic for years)! It is hard to fly empty airports but I am getting used to it. But still I ocassionally saw sigle digit frames with iFly. So I have parked it in the hangar and enjoy performance back with the above mentioned addon planes. All that was clear to me before the 30-day period ended at the Flight1 store. But I decided not to ask for a refund, as I want to support professional projects for FSX. Look, I love 747 and I generally like this addon a lot, its visuals and its system complexity. I sincerely hope the Service Pack will improve the performance. I am sorry for going a bit off topic. On the other hand, I am not the only person around praising some features of this this addon but complaining about its bad performance. So maybe (!), there aren't many repaints around as folks do not decide to buy this bird due to the performance problems they are reading about.
  4. There's also a very nice Transaero RR repaint at avsim.su. Here's a link to the link: http://ifly.flight1.net/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=12942&title=transaero-747400-rr-available Yes, I am also disappointed with how few repainters went for this bird. Maybe it's time to learn some Photoshop skills? I'll consider it. :wink:
  5. Wow, I've just read it (using Google Translate since my French is too week to comprehend it) and looks like an awesome piece of advice. I am a UTX user, so it may well apply to me. Looks like a lot of work though, but I think I will try to apply it. Not that I frequently suffer from OOM's but they do happen is some scenarios I am now deliberately (for this reason) avoiding. After applying this fix I may try again and see if impossible became possible. Thanks a lot for the link! :smile:
  6. Did anyone notice this thread is over two years old? :rolleyes:
  7. The word 'Virtual' must be co-responsible here.
  8. Bill, I am also a user of all the available CDU's from Virtual Avionics, so I decided to check for you. I have just uninstalled my VAIL, redownloaded it from their website and installed ( again. The bad or good news is that it is working fine for me. So maybe try redownloading and installing (with your AV off) from scratch.
  9. That indeed would be a nightmare! :Nail Biting: I really hope Jakub Paczek (the guy behind the best Polish Airports) will make it.
  10. For me the biggest disappointment of 2014 was FlyTampa Copenhagen. Practically unflyable due to performance problems. I know some say they had no problems with it but others, including me, did. The brand of FT no more means the same to me. I am also disappointed with iFly 747's quite poor performance (low FPS) though in other aspects it is really an awesome simulation. I also see a rather bad tendency at Drzewiecki Design as their Polish Airports were so great compared to later UEEE or NY. Yes, also some things that are coming slowly, with several of them mentioned in earlier posts. But for years of simming I have learned patience. But all in all, as some also pointed out above, it was a great FS year, as all the other purchases I made did not let me down. I hope the 2015 will also be a great FS time. With things to come like e.g. FB EDDF, EPWA, ZBAA, YSSY, CRJ, A330 or FSL A320 (cough cough)...
  11. Registered FSUIPC: - go to the Axis Assignment tab - move your desired lever (click Rescan) - when detected, go right to the assignment part, where it says 'Set up to 10 ranges for action' - choose range no.1 for GEAR UP (Control sent where range entered) marking it (by moving the lever and clicking first FROM and then TO) somewhere between the most forward and the central position of your lever - then assign range no.2 for GEAR DOWN marking it between the centre and the most backward position of the lever - save and fly :wink: BTW I use the same tab to assign reversers to my CH throttle quadrant's levers.
  12. Of course you can as long as you have a registered copy of FSUIPC. Have a great 2015 year!
  13. Hi, Vernon. To begin with, I don't have the Jetmax TQ. Oh, I wish I would! :rolleyes: But as for the fuel cutoff levers, check the NGX FMC key command menu for the assignments (in the Control Stand section). Choose any key combo you wish and then try assigning this combo in FSUIPC to your hardware levers. I hope it will work for you.
  14. Please note two things: - the above is an FS2004 version video - engines/turbines were already remodelled in the hotfix <- let me quote the appropriate fix list parts: 'Adjusted Engine blades and cones to represent more accurately the real RR, PW, GE' 'If you want to see the updated engine fans, cone and inlets with your repaints, then copy the following files from the default texture.iFly livery to your repaints.' Remember I do not represent Flight1 or iFly in any way. I am just a simmer who tries to share some objectve experience of using this addon.
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