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  1. Hello, ive just finisht my flight from EGLL-EHAM and ive noticed that the clouds are quite flat. Not 3D. is this normal? im using as16 and REX soft clouds
  2. If you would like to discuss what addon is better, please make a new topic. I just would like a addon for atc and traffic for p3d v4
  3. It says my traffic 6 is for p3d v2. Will it still work for v4? And do I need to download extra files or delete?
  4. It ut live for p3d v4? Because I couldn't find it for v4
  5. Helli all, I have a question. Are there any good traffic addons for p3d v4 and ATC addons for offline vatsim? So yes, which ones do you suggest? thx!
  6. Thx for the help! Is there already an atc add on for p3d v4? (Really appreciate the help!)
  7. Thx rick for the information. Can you give an aim time when the airports will be released?
  8. Will the orbx innsbruck sceney will be released for p3d v4?
  9. I could use all the orbx products for fsx i bought. For flytampa im not sure but i bought it anyway (totally worh it) for as i dont know. I assume so because you can use youre activation code (if you still have it) again and use that one for the new addon (im not sure tho) but you will need to purchase the pmdg aircraft again tho..
  10. Hello all, I think almost every body who owns Fsx wright now is thinking to switch to p3d v4 (so ways I) my main reason was to switch the p3dv4 was because the OOM errors starten getting very irritating. Because p3d is a 64x bit game i believe, you do Not have any oom errors any more. Aswel as the graphics and performance is just mutch better. when i had Fsx, ive spemd approximately €400 worth on addons. And afcourse, I've spend again 300-400€ for addons for p3d. BUT I can tell you, it was totally worth it! I'm very glad I've made the switch. I really recommend this sim to all of the FSX users!
  11. so are there specific tweaks I need to add to my config file? because my instruments are still blurry when i zoom out.
  12. Is this a new tweak? And so yes, were do I have to put this?
  13. Im still quote a noob with pc's but i went to the NVIDEA control panel en went to the 3D section. In there, i went to programs and looked for the program p3d. Then you can ajust settings. For example turn off fxaa. Ive done this GeForce BUT forgot to prees the apply button. Still, my blurriers aren't over yet. Im going to put some screenshots of it in this page tomorrow.
  14. well its actually very easy, you need to open the NVIDEA control panel and select all the options from the p3d page. you will need to select those and then apply. very easy. But im still not sure if im getting the best graphics..
  15. here are 4 screenshots ive made. i think ive solved my problem. but as you can see, one of my screenshot is still blurry (the instruments) but when i zoom in, the blurry is gone. is this normal? (2de picture blurry instruments, 3de not) http:// http:// http:// http://
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