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  1. Hi Al, Thanks for your reply. Hmm... according to the Flysimware website 'Contact Us' page, this is Flysimware's Official Forum. I'll try to contact then through their Contact Form. Cheers, John
  2. No-one from Flysimware has any ideas? Cheers, John
  3. Hello All, I am a new user of the MU-2 and have version 2.5 running in P3D V4 ( The one issue I have is with the red beacon which flashes inside the cockpit and cabin. I see there are a few posts regarding this but it looks like it shouldn't be happening with the latest versions of both the MU-2 and P3D. Any insight would be great. Cheers, John
  4. Q,Totally forgot about the nifty guts of the FCU's... my bad :(Cheers,JohnBoeing 727/737 & Lockheed C-130/L-100 Mechanic
  5. >Can sombody confirm that it is not possible to move the>flaps without at least one engine running? I dont understand>why they dont move as all indications show full HYD pressure>from ground power to the electric demand pumps? or is duct>press related?>>thanks>FynnHi Fynn,On the real 744 you can operate the flaps with the engines shut down as long as you have bleed air. The TE flaps are powered via the 1 and 4 hydraulic systems which require bleed air to run the Demand pumps if the EDP's(Engine Driven Pumps) are not providing pressure.As for flap operation in the sim, they appear to be coded into the engines instead of the hydraulics. Just checked and the flaps can be operated with #1 and #4 engines running but with 1 and 4 hydraulic systems depressurized(EDP's and Demand Pumps OFF). In this configuration, the TE flaps will not move on the real 744.There are a few other flap anomalies such as the LE flaps retraction on reverse thrust. They retract fine but extend immediately once out of reverse thrust. IRL, they have a 5 second delay to allow the translating cowls to close before extending.Cheers,JohnBoeing 727/737 & Lockheed C-130/L-100 Mechanic
  6. The FMC and PDCS are two different beasts. All I have are my 737-200 training books which don't have much more than what's in the flight manuals.Cheers,JohnBoeing 727/737 & Lockheed C-130/L-100 Mechanic
  7. One of the loudest background noise makers on the PMDG is the RECIRC FAN on the Air Conditioning/Bleed Air panel. Try turing off the RECIRC FAN and see if this makes a difference.Cheers,JohnBoeing 727/737 & Lockheed C-130/L-100 Mechanic