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    Liveries wrong!

    The last time I took off in an aircraft with an incorrect registration number, I was arrested by the sim police and banned from FS9 until I got it corrected. ;)Best,Bill
  2. Well, my visibility slider only goes down to 60 miles. Maybe you mean Cloud Draw Distance?Bill
  3. Bill_Browning

    I'll try again.....

    You know, this is an easy question. EVERY aircraft is FBW in FS9. ;)A better question is can you do one that isn't? (in FS9). :)Best,Bill
  4. Bill_Browning

    What a fluke!!

  5. Bill_Browning

    What's the deal with

    This doesn't have very much to do with support of PMDG products, now does it?;)Bill
  6. Bill_Browning

    Which MD-80 should I buy?

    Actually, Lago/JCA supply a merge application. It works great.Bill
  7. Bill_Browning

    How do you determine where you will fly?

    These are really, really good ideas. Since I am an avid reader, I fly to locations in the books I am reading, sometimes duplicating flights in the book.Best,Bill
  8. Thanks, Christian. I was afaid you were goiong to say that.But, I'm game for that learning thing.Best,Bill
  9. Can one of the "guru"s here take a look at this airport and tell me what I need to do to fix it? The runways, or at least part of them are underwater.I've tried FSFlatten and AFCAD, but I didn't seem to get the results I expected. Is it because I'm in the water? Maybe I just goofed it up?Sign me a confused painter...Bill Browning
  10. Bill_Browning

    Fokker 100 for FS2004...Great!

    Hey, Bill - what kind of engines does this one have? Now, I really don't care, which is why I'm bringing it up here. :)Seriously though, this is a very fine package. It is my fav "get in it and go" regional jet. My congrats to the Project Fokker Team as well.Best,Bill Browning(No banner) :)
  11. Bill_Browning

    -> Rudder not working in FS9 <-

    Do you have the yaw damper engaged?Best,Bill
  12. Yea, I agree, Joe. It's certainly not a single thing. Actually, the economy is fairly decent here in OKC, but that doesn't help me much with all the cool stuff developed outside the U S of A.Aww, cr*p. I'm getting OT even further - Ciao.Best,Bill
  13. Ray,I don't know about the rest of the folks, but you have hit my problem on the head. There are at least three add-ons I want very badly, but the US dollar - Euro exchange rate is killing me.C'mon, Greenspan - do something!(Oh, that is another cool thing about this hobby - I get to meet all kinds of interesting people from all over the world. I'd wager that no one in Oklahoma, USA is complainig about the exchange rates but the bankers and the flight simmers. :) )Best,Bill
  14. Naw, you can mark this one off. :) I fixed 'er right up.'ll upload it shortly.Best,Bill Browning
  15. Bill_Browning

    Panel not working...

    Mine works fine after the upgrade.Best,Bill Browning