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  1. I second this - the Legacy is fantastic./Dave
  2. >Yup you are crazy ...because you will not be able to...well>not in the VC anyway.No worries there, I'm not a VC flyer. I'll upload some pics after I merge the two./Dave
  3. Am I crazy for wanting to drop those new Flight One Avidyne displays in this puppy?I sure love those old gauges but I'm not sure I can help myself here./Dave
  4. I know neither version it out yet but I'm already leaning towards Feelthere.The Feelthere Legacy is a simply spectacular aircraft to fly and as previously discussed has a throughly modeled FMC and avionics suite. Eye candy is nice but I'm more focused on the techincal aspect of flying.Also knowing I won't have to buy it again if I ever upgrade to FSX is a plus!/Dave
  5. Can one of you guys who owns it provide a little more detail...How much functionality is included in the cockpits?How do the carrier ops work?Thanks./Dave
  6. It's a fanstastic plane, and with Flight One's 30 day refund you've got nothing to lose.
  7. The CRJ is a great airplane, but not as complex when it comes to systems as the ERJ.A lot of people complain the FMC is too limited in functionality, but it's great for folks looking for something between the default aircraft and the more complex aircraft on the market.Overall a very fun aircraft, but more of a "get in and go" plane.I recommend it./DavePP-ASEL
  8. I'm a big fan of the PMDG 737, but after the problems I've experienced with the 747, I'm done buying their products the day they are released.This whole thing is remniscent of the 737 release - I bought it the day it came out, but wasn't able to use it for a few months until they released a service pack fixing all of the issues.I'm jealous of all of you who are able to use this product with no problems. For me, the only 747 switch I'll be pushing is the uninstall./Dave
  9. I too have been experiencing strange stuttering.With the PMDG 737 and LD767 I'll get a solid 23FPS at PAE. When I load up the 747 I get jumps between 8,10 and 14.Very strange.My system:P4 2.531 GB RAMRadeon 9700 PROSoundBlaster Live/Dave
  10. Try posting over at the ATR forum:http://atr.flight1.net/forums//Dave
  11. Fokker 70 or 100 perhaps?Sure looks like one.
  12. Guys-I'm in the middle of development of a utility that will allow you do everything you requested above and more.I'll look you up when I'm ready for beta testing.Stay tuned..../Dave
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