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  1. There's also the ATI Radeon HD 3850 256Mo that appears to be a good graphic card ...Damien - LFQQ.http://damiendelille.free.fr/Cliparts/Avion.gif
  2. I play with a 1280x1024 32bits resolution.AA 4x or AA 8xS // AF 16xDamien - LFQQ.http://damiendelille.free.fr/Cliparts/Avion.gif
  3. Hi,I'd like to change my graphic card for better framerate both in FS2004 and FSX.I actually have a GeForce 7600 GT with 256Mo video RAM. I find that 256Mo is not sufficient, especially for FSX ! I'd like to buy the Radeon X1950 XTX 512Mo. According to you, is it a good purchase ?Here is my PC configuration :Athlon 64 X2 4200+Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9-RH2048 Mo DDR PC3200Windows XP SP2Thank you.;-)Damien - LFQQ.http://damiendelille.free.fr/Cliparts/Avion.gif
  4. Hi everyone,I'd like to know if we can use FSX without SP1 and SP2. Some add-ons require SP1 and/or Acceleration Pack to work (according to specifications). What's happening if we don't install SP1 ?Regards,;-)Damien - LFQQ.http://damiendelille.free.fr/Cliparts/Avion.gif
  5. Damien BRUNET

    Blurries and contention (round 2)

    Hi everyone,Is Service Pack 1 compulsory to make FSX work correctly ?For instance, there are some sceneries that require SP1 or SP2 to work, namely Mega Airport Brussels X from Aerosoft : Are sceneries, aircraft and tools working with RTM FSX ?Regards,;-)Damien - LFQQ.http://damiendelille.free.fr/Cliparts/Avion.gif
  6. Damien BRUNET

    Problem with AI aircraft landing lights

    Yes but don't you think that the triangle is a little bit too large ?Damien - LFQQ.http://damiendelille.free.fr/Cliparts/Avion.gif
  7. Hi,I've got a problem with my AI aircraft (from Ultimate Traffic). When they are landing or taking off, there is an unrealistic kind of white triangle which appears when lights are on.http://udb.neuf.fr/Captures/FS2004/LSZH.jpgI tried some fixes but no help !Please could you help me ?Regards.;-)Damien - LFQQ.http://damiendelille.free.fr/Cliparts/Avion.gif
  8. Damien BRUNET

    FScene for FSX released for Europe

    Hi,Any comment ?Damien - LFQQ.http://damiendelille.free.fr/Cliparts/Avion.gif
  9. Damien BRUNET

    Fly! II with 19" LCD monitor

    Hi,I love Fly! II and I want to fly it with a LCD 19" monitor. I tried some screen resolutions but the result isn't totally good ... :( With a 1024x768 resolution, there are some pixels and both aircraft and sceneries look bad. With a 1280x1024 screen resolution, there's no pixel but panel views disappear and some aicraft (especially ROTW marvellous aircraft) don't work. I've read the topic about Fly! II and widecreen and I tried the 1280x768 resolution. It's quite better but for some aicraft, panels are still missing. I also tried the 1024x768 resolution with full screen. In fact, Fly! II works with a 1024x768 screen resolution in the upper left corner of my LCD monitor !Here is a screenshot :http://udb.neuf.fr/Captures/Fly!II/Fly!II_1024_768.jpgI think it's good but Fly! II window is not centered ! Is it possible to center Fly! II window in order to have black border all around the window ? Is there a command to enter in the fly.ini or render.ini ?Regards,;)Damien - LFQQ.http://damiendelille.free.fr/Cliparts/Avion.gif
  10. Damien BRUNET

    Flight Environment and ActiveSky

    Hi,Does Flight Environment act like the freeware FS Sky World as far as clouds and sky are concerned ?Damien - LFQQ.http://damiendelille.free.fr/Cliparts/Avion.gif
  11. Damien BRUNET

    Flight Environment and ActiveSky

    Have you tried FSMetar for real weather ? Is weather rendering better with ActiveSky ?I often fly with FSMetar and FS Sky World but the flights are not so realistic (big clouds that are sometimes cut).Damien - LFQQ.http://damiendelille.free.fr/Cliparts/Avion.gif
  12. Damien BRUNET

    Flight Environment and ActiveSky

    >>I used to use FE for sky and water, now I use Real Env Pro.>You do think that Real Env Pro is equal to Flight Environment regarding sky and water ?Damien - LFQQ.http://damiendelille.free.fr/Cliparts/Avion.gif
  13. Hi everyone,I've read some good reviews about Flight Environment and ActiveSky and on this forum I realized some people bought both add-ons. Don't you think these two add-ons are nearly similar, as far as sky and clouds are concerned since ActiveSky brings new sky and cloud textures ? I think we can get best sky effects only with ActiveSky and in that case, Flight Environment will be useful only for water textures ...Your opinion about it ?Regards,Damien - LFQQ.http://damiendelille.free.fr/Cliparts/Avion.gif
  14. Hi,Here is my PC configuration, in brief :- Athlon XP 2600+- ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB- 2 x 512 Mo DDR PC2700 dual channelMy video card was good to run FS2004 but with FSX, all its memory is used. I'd like to buy a new video card with more RAM (256MB or 512MB) but I don't want to buy another CPU and motherboard for the moment.What do you think of the HIS Radeon
  15. Hi,According to you, what is the best driver for an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro ? I've been using the last official Catalyst but I think that the Control Center uses a lot of system performance.Regards,;-)Damien - LFQQ.http://damiendelille.free.fr/Cliparts/Avion.gif