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  1. To turn off UAC do I just move the slider to the bottom?Dave F.
  2. dfish

    Funny Video

    This was posted on the front page, for those who missed it go here........... Dave F.CYYZ
  3. I'm sure it's a problem with Cloud9's LAX. After a few minutes it crashes, usua1lly when changing views. I've got a lot of ram available, so I can't see how it's a memory issue. I've got a number of large detailed scenery and have never had a problem with any of them. I tried posting on their forum, but they were no help. I've never experienced such rude and arrogant treatment from a developer. Here's part of the response I received from Umberto Colapicchioni:"KLAX doesn't crashes after a few minutes. If it did, we would have the forum full with such reports, in the 2 years the scenery has been out..........Since the scenery is available as Trial, it wouldn't have sold much if it really had this issue."He might as well have called me a liar. I couldn't believe the arrogance of this guy. Needless to say, this ends my relationship with Cloud9.Dave F.
  4. Twice now, when I've opened the map page I'm presented with a black window were the map should be. Then the sim freezes and crashes. Both times I was o the ground at Cloud9's LAX. I'll try another area tomorrow to see if I get the same results.Dave FisherCYYZP4 Prescott 3.2e 478p 800mhz 1mg CPUP4P800SE Asus Motherboard2.5 gig PC3200 DDR RAM 400MHZGeForce 7600GT/512 OC'dMaxtor 80 Gig ATA 133 HD x2WDC WD800 80 Gig HDAntec 500watt true powerSharp 19 inch LCD MonitorSaitek AV8R-01 Joystickhttp://fs2crew.com/linepilot.jpg
  5. I recently installed a recorder module that will record all the parameters of a flight. It's worked fine for awhile, but now I'm having trouble. When ever I try to save a recording I get an error saying "file cannot be opened" then asks me if I want to keep recording, if I select "NO" I get a CTD. Any ideas?Dave F.CYYZ
  6. I've noticed that both LAX and YYZ have rwy 24 with headings of roughly 240 deg. I was playing around with Google Earth and I aligned GE to point 240 degrees using YYZ's 24R. Then I moved to LAX keeping GE aligned to 240 deg. To my surprise 24R at LAX was about 80 deg off the 240 deg alignment of YYZ's rwy 24R. Is this because of magnetic variation?Dave F.(hope I made sense)
  7. I know some guys have merged the LVD panel with the Posky model, so it can be done. Be patient, someone will answer.Dave F.CYYZ
  8. You can see full episodes here.http://www.discoverychannel.ca/content/?pid=1179and here's the home page.http://www.discoverychannel.ca/jetstream/EnjoyDave F.CYYZ
  9. Why not try the Wiilco/Feelthere 737-(300-400-500) It's a good aircraft for those just learning to fly a commercial aircraft. It has all the basic systems and with a good tutorial you could be up to speed in no time.Dave F.
  10. I've been watching it, it's easy to see how pilots die on training missions. Did you see that women mess up the formation landing, or the last show were the trainie took his eyes off his wingman and almost collided...........Dave F.
  11. Where can I d/l 4.3? BTW, makerwys.exe VER
  12. Thanks, let me try these fixes and see if that fixes it.Dave
  13. RC Ver 4.2, no idea about markerways. Just tried CYVR-CYXC and the same thing happened with CYXC.Dave
  14. For some reason RC does not recognize the Flightscenery Portland airport. When I load a fp to or from KPDX there is no info on the Controller Info page. Even if I try KPDX as an alternet, RC doesn't seem to find it, I get no radio info. I've rebuilt the scenery but even that didn't help.An ideas on what the problem may be?Dave F.
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