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  1. If you install the new airac be sure to point it to your MAIN flightsimulator directory, do NOT point it to the fmcwpnavdata....since that will have the installer create the entry you see. If you do it the right way the old files will be overwritten and you'll be fine with your next updateHTHWillem
  2. OK, lets see if I can help you out here,Open the txt-file for your airport from the sidstars directory.Scroll down and insert the name and the position(latlon) of the gates you want to use between GATES and ENDGATES (as in sids/endsids)That should solve the not in database, but on a brighter note, you don't really need it anymore because your position is easily confimed after the patches by simply selecting the L1 in init refWillem
  3. >I will be getting an AMD XP 2400+ with 512Meg Ram and a MSI 4K>motherboard.>>The other components will be scavanged from my current machine>which included my GeForce 3 Ti 200.>>Do you think this is enough horsepower to enjoy FS2004 and>PMDG 737 in all its glory?Nope, it won't be enough, but then again there are no systems at the moment that are capable of turning everything up to full and still get the fps needed.What you are getting now will however make for a real improvement and you wil certainly be able to enjoy fs9.You will have to slide a few of the eyecandy options a bit to the left but there will still be a lot to enjoy.I would suggest setting the fps to 18(locked), this gives a smooth feeling and with shift-z and some tuning you will get a great resultWillem
  4. Ondanks mijn nick, absoluut ;-)Willem
  5. Ansgar,I had these problems after installing the second patch without first using the remove tool to do a really clean install. I would advise you follow the full ritual of removal and install and see if this fixes your problems. If it does'nt then you can always resize and reposition the throttle and fmc to size and place that you like..WillemP.S. undock before you can resize
  6. Sorry Ian,No quick and dirty for you I'm afraid ;-(You seem to be having a different problem alltogether. Noone complains about the extreme loading times and even before the wait was in most cases no more than 30 seconds or so. If the rest of your system is responsive then you must have another addon ordriver that conflicts with whatever is causing this. Do you still have the shutdown problems when the PMDG-plane is not installed????Willem
  7. So everything is working as advertised ;-) ;-)Simply follow the instructions you get by resetting the ALT on the MCP and do a FL CH or V/S. This can be done right upto the cruise alt you filed or, after receiving your clearance to the filed alt you reset your MCP to this alt and then engage VNAV. The latter would also set you up for a descent but since you are flying online you would probably receive instructions for that too so you would fly this with the V/S and FL CH options again... This ofcourse does nothing for LNAV so you would still be following the FP you filed but it would make for a more realistic flight. I don't believe that irl VNAV is ever pressed at 400 feet to remain on untill touchdown ;-)Willem
  8. Guys,I think I've found the culprit and a way to solve. Well actually it's just a work around but it works ;-)SSWA310.DLL is definitely the one causing the .exe to remain (partially) in memory after the shutdown, BUT only if the A310 has never been loaded. If you switch to the A310 and then back again to any other plane you wish to fly (or do this before exiting the simulator) then the problem does not occur.Atleast this is true on 3 different machines that I've tested...So pls try this and let me know if this is really the solution or just a fluke thing on those machines I saw.Willem
  9. Cuyler,Just a few to things to try and look at. First pls verify the correct path for the installed airac (drive:fspathFMCWPNavData)Secondly , when entering the fp on the RTEpage are you entering them on the right side of the screen, the left side is for airways and third, what happens if you try to input the fp on the LEGS page instead.Just a few thoughts, hope one of those turns out to be the answer. Oh and by the way, don't know if this is important or not but did you first fill in departure and arrival airports?? And don't fill in the departure airport on the LEGS or RTE page , start of with the first waypoint.Oh, and one more , if you go to the DEP/ARR can you select a rwy and sid for KATL???Willem
  10. Kl408


    Sure , why not. Wouldn't be fair to leave you out of the loop , now would it ;-)SentWillem
  11. And probably rightly so, if you register personally you get the full menus always and with every (freeware)plane that needs it. All functions are always available. If PMDG uses a certain feature of FSUIPC it will work because they "bought" the right to use it in their products but if you did not license it yourself the only thing you will notice is a working 600/700 ;-)There isn't much difference in appearance between the freeware and payware version in functionality but the freeware(fullversion) will not work with FS9 so it's up to you to decide.........Willem
  12. I don't know where the error-message came from, that's one for the team ;-) but the engines stalling with an empty center tank can be easily remedied by turning OFF the center tank fuel-pumps.(I usually do this when the center tank drops to between 2000 and 1000) It will then automatically feed of the other tanksYohWillem
  13. darn , I should get myself a decent teacher so my will english will atlast improve to the point that people actually understand what I'm trying to say ;-)I think you are referring to the post where I wished the team a nice few days of rest before starting on the liveries and the tutorials.....I'm sorry, I'm not planning on writing a tutorial myself, too much to do , too little time but I'm always ready to answer specific questions and to help solve problems as best as I know howGrtzWillem
  14. Nope , as it says on the PMDG homepage they have negotiated a license with Peter Dowson so you don't have to register it to be able to fly the NG. It would however be nice if you registered anyway for all upcoming freeware planes and stuff depending on its functionality and because it's a really nice piece of software ;-)Willem
  15. Liam,It is true that there is as yet no C&D and that it seems that the engines are always running no matter how many times you reload the plane, but there is an easy solution.Start your FS with the default chessna at the airport and gate you would like your flight to start.(choose gate from menu or slew, whatever).Switch off the batteries an turn off the engine (all the way to OFF) but leave the avionics switch to the ON position!!!Now change to the 600/700 and save the flight!! You can make it the default if you like but you now atleast have a C&D for the PMDG planeThe only thing you have to change manually every time you load the situation (but only when you're a stickler for detail) is that you have to (before starting your checklists) flick the Fuel Cut-off switches (throttle quadrant) to OFF(down)Have FunWillem
  16. Guys,Disregard my previous post, reinstalled the patch to fs2k4 and replaced the ini-file with the one posted in the first thread. All looks well, egine 1 now starts and the apu-startup and distorted throttle bitmap problems are solved. So maybe the updated ini or the second patch-install can fix these problems for others tooYohWillem
  17. And neither can I , but only under fs2k4. same procedures under fs2k2 and the engine starts fine. I also still have the extremely long APU-startup time and the continuous hourglass/pointer/hourglas mouse pointer(both fs2k4. The throttle quadrant under 2k4 is distorted and there may be more things I haven't seen yet. Will keep testing and post later.......YohWillem
  18. Ok, I've sent it to the new address , lets hope this one worksWillem.P.S. Dont worry Vin, when the new one is posted we'll be sure to get it';-)
  19. Attachment was sent from here so it should be there...If you are using outlook express latest version make sure you have disabled the security-option that withholds "dangerous" attachments. They are there , you just can't save them. You can disable this annoyance in the extra,options,security menu in OEWillem
  20. Ted,I've sent them to you twice but it appears as if your isp somehow deletes attachments before they reach you since only plain old email seems to reach you ;-(If we can try to be online at the same time I'll set up a small private FTP-server here at home so you can get it directly. Because of the time difference we would have to find a time that would be reasonable for both of us...Willem
  21. Paul,I think I had a problem with the situation. Made a new one starting from the default fs2002 737. After shutting it down I switched to the PMDGversion , flipped the cut-off switches down and then saved.Now it works, still don't know what went wrong on the first one though, the only difference being that the first one was saved from the PMDG after I had made the default chessna c&d.Ah well, everything running great nowTnxWillem
  22. Guys,Could anyone pls post a simple click by click list on getting the engines started?? I've saved a cold&dark (avionics on)but I can't get the engines to start. I use the following sequence:Cut-off levers on throttle to OFF(down) (should be there I think)Batterie on.. Apu startAfter APU on apu-gens on apu-bleed on fuelpumps on.Engine electrical 1+2 onEmergency light arm, Anti-collision onYaw damper onStarter switches to grd and bothEngine 1 starts to spool up and that's it.... again and again and again....Moving the Cut-off levers up or down doesn't seem to make a difference. Up or down, engine always starts to spool up but never reaches a "run" stateI must be missing something , but where???Tnx guysWillemP.S. I've tried with external power on and off....
  23. Ok, I will zip the texture directory and mail it to youOhh and to add to the suffering ;-) Climbing to Fl310 Soaring the great blue yonder ;-)
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