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  1. There's really no reason not to get this now! Got to www.simtube.com, there's a banner there; click on it to get a little discount. :)
  2. >I usually fly Turbo to Heavies and was wondering is the B200>worth adding to my hangar? I would appreciate some reviews and>thoughts on adding this plane to my collection.>>Thanks>AndyGo get it Andy, you won't regret it! :)
  3. Perhaps this has something to do with your video drivers, and the program you use to specify display settings in XP. I think there are a few settings that you can set like letting programs 'stretch things out', or keeping the resolution as it is, so there will be a black border. Maybe you can play around and see what happens. Go to desktop, right click 'properties'>settings>advanced.
  4. The autofeather system is armed prior to every takeoff. Its purpose is to detect a failing engine and minimize its propeller drag. Should the system sense a drop in torque
  5. The question of 'principle' is more nuanced actually. I have my freeware stuff placed on 'other websites' before. Personally, I don't mind because my principles for freeware doesn't disallow it. The idea is to be able to get the product to as many people as possible.Even if people are making money out of it. An example would be the school of thought that I subscribe to, the Creative Commons Deed (Attribution-ShareAlike)http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/However, I would agree that if it's the author's explicit intent that files shouldn't be put on a certain site, the owner should comply within a reasonable amount of time. It's just plain courtesy...>Hi Paul,>>So if a Dreamfleet product appeared on such a site, how much>free time would you give up to persue that site?>>I see no difference between a $35 product and a $0 product in>this principle, do you?>>And as for "it's happened and it's resolved". will that>attitude stop such sites carrying on pilfering? The only>benefit, I could see would be if the freeware acted as a>promotional item for payware.
  6. In 10-20 years time, hopefully this is default FS. :)Hoover Dam rotatedhttp://www.itsnotpersonal.com/glimpses/ima...ooverdamsat.jpghttp://www.itsnotpersonal.com/glimpses/ima...overdamsat2.jpg
  7. kingairvols, like the others mentioned, the B200 is still the way to go! The upcoming so-called patch is not really a patch per se, it's a whole new version, on top of the already excellent version 1. But you really don't have to wait for that to be released...You can read this review from SimHQ...http://www.simhq.com/_air3/air_112a.html
  8. Mine's the head of the Burger King chicken... is that a dolphin at the centre?http://www.itsnotpersonal.com/glimpses/ima...allDSCN2363.jpg
  9. Check out this excellent review.http://www.simhq.com/_air3/air_112a.htmlMy sig has more smaller pictures.
  10. jfri, in case you haven't seen it, this is a review of the B200. It's quite astounding, and the support (from both the developers and endusers) is excellent.http://simhq.com/_air3/air_112a.html
  11. >>>While the stats accumulated by Alexa may certainly be questionable, how much more faith would one put into those provided by a commercial polster like Nielson when not all of the sites being monitored are paying for the service??I would put much, much more faith in Nielsen, actually (even if my faith is inherently misplaced; the name just sounds better LOL). Their job is to collect stats. Now, again, one might disagree with their methods and no one can say that they are infallible (like AC Neilsen network TV ratings, Gallup election polls etc.)But like Tom said, it's a matter of showing the advertisers something, and professional outfits like Nielsen and others are in the business of collecting stats, they got the reputation. Interestingly, flightsim came in first in the Alexa stats this month; I personally ain't going to read too much into that, per se... I think both sites are doing well.http://www.nielsen.com/PS. Tom, it's time to put avsim at the top 1 or 2 spots at Google's 'flightsim' and 'flight simulator' searches. :)
  12. Tom, I love avsim (as well as flightsim and simflight), and I think the statistics of who's no. 1 is quite irrelevant if one's providing a useful service to the community. Personally, I think Avsim's file library is the best there is.That said, I've a small suggestion: disassociate Avsim with Alexa. Alexa is known to be spyware, and the stats provided by its toolbar is quite meaningless anyway...http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcen...ware.alexa.html
  13. Chris, thanks for taking the time to write the review. I think it's probably the best flight sim addon review I've yet seen...especially the way you mix the real life photos/war stories and the story that the sim tells... I wasn't able to tell which was which at times!
  14. Maybe you can fill up slot 3 with the aeroworx B200 :)
  15. My suggestion is to look at your autopilot settings. Deselect the 'alt' or 'alt sel', even if the autopilot is switched off. I don't recall having landing problems with the default King Air. Perhaps you're coming in too fast?>Hi fellow simmers,>I am currently flying the "Hops Round The World" tour and>using the MS Beech King Air most of the time.>I am having difficulties landing it properly; I mean the plane>over-reacts to any joystick input as I am trying to align and>flare. In the end I will crash most of the time...>>Any advice to land this bird safely ?>Thanks all...>>Mike Rookie
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