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  1. If I could have only 1 add-on of any type for FS, it would be Ultimate Terrain.Tony
  2. Are you asking for updates for UTX? That is the most current.Tony
  3. No warning for me running AVG.Tony
  4. AFX looks incredibly useful. On the product page, be sure to click on the screen shots and wait a a bit. They are animated and demonstrate a lot of functionality. I can't wait to try it. This is another huge hole in FSX being plugged, and then so.Tony
  5. How are the frame rates for the Level-D 767 compared to the default 737 and 747's?Tony
  6. Yes, you have autogen already, but each unique texture and model takes more effort and memory to display. Anything in the scene, be it autogen, buildings or aircraft take processor power to render. It seems to me that 10-20 static autogen aircraft would take comparable processor power to the same number of AI aircraft, if they are going to look half-way decent. They still need to be rendered and drawn into the scene. You could use a program like Flight1's Instant Scenery to place some static aircraft at the airports you frequent now without waiting for Microsoft or some other entity to come up with an option. It's quick and easy, as the commercial might go. :)Tony
  7. I don't think static models would give you much frame rate benefit over efficiently designed AI aircraft like those from Aardvark. I am in the process of replacing my Ultimate Traffic models with ones from Aardvark, CDAI and others with great results. I now have airports populated with real AI aircraft that have a relatively minor impact on frame-rate.Tony
  8. Not yet, but I would expect it to be put on DVD (the download is slightly over 1 Gig) at some point. Usually, Flight1 waits a couple of months to make sure most issues are ironed out and patched up before they release a disk version.There's no reason to wait for the disk, however. With Flight1's excellent down-loader, you can re-download your purchase anytime in the future if you need to reinstall and you lost your backup.They even have a Download that can resume if it looses the connection.Tony
  9. >Impressive.>>I'm wondering since the United States is also known as the>"11th Province", should we take it that the current package>includes Canada?Only the continental US in this release. I haven't checked out the night lights yet.UT was in my mind THE most important add-on for FS9. UT X has stepped it up another notch. I give it an 11 on a 10 point scale. Back to exploring!Tony
  10. What's involved with converting FS2004 AI to FSX? I am interested in getting some Aardvark AI planes into UT FSX. Any idea how performance for aircraft like those from Aardvark compare to the default UT? In FS2004, I think I got comparable or even better performance with the Aardvark.Tony
  11. I get great performance with Real Air's SF260. I highly recommend it.Tony
  12. I have and love the FSGenesis mesh and landclass. Just do a search here on Avsim and you will have all the testimonials and screenshots you want.Tony
  13. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling? A complete defrag can make a difference if you have not done that already as well.Yes, a new system will be nice, but you should be getting much better results with your current system.Tony
  14. I have a system very similar to yours, with an AMD 3200, 2G of RAM and a Nvida 6600GT.As the others have said, turn some of those options down. I run with Level of Detail radius set to one notch. I run Scenery Complexity set to the middle. Lock the Frame Rate! I set mine to 17. I was having OK performance with those settings after SP1, with some occasional blurry textures which I just assumed was all I was going to get with my older rig. I finally decided to completely wipe FSX and start over. Now I get unbelievable performance. Almost no blurries, and no stutters. I have no idea what sort of frame rate I would get if I unlocked it, but who cares? It runs great as it is.I am very happy with FSX now.Tony
  15. Google has updated some of their data in Google Earth, including all of Switzerland:The imagery for the entire country of Switzerland is now at 50cm and many Swiss cities are at 25cm.The entire country of Switzerland's terrain is now 10m resolution, Swiss Alps are now high-res.Frank from the Google Earth blog has created a video comparing the new Google Earth Imagery to some actual flights in a real Hawker Hunter.http://www.gearthblog.com/blog/archives/20..._jet_fight.htmlThere are still problems using this for Flight Simulator, in my opinion. Most of the world is still not he-res in Google Earth or Microsoft's Live Local. There is no choice of seasons, and time of day is locked in as well. Bandwidth, both on the user and provider side is still an issue.Still, it might be a prelude to the future. It's neat to speculate.One of my favorite activities in Flight Simulator is to explore the world. I find some of the time I would have spent in Flight Simulator exploring is now spent in Google Earth.Tony
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