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  1. Thanks RTH. I missed flying the Aeroworx B200 since moving to Vista and FSX. Your work is much appreciated.Regards,
  2. Glad to hear about the new job Chris. Family is more important than anything. I have always enjoyed your work. As a private pilot myself I can understand your passion for the hobby. Wish I could fly for a living. I'm a little too late to start such a career being past 40.Regardless of when you decide to come back to this hobby I am willing to put up the funds for a full blown version of FSX. Just send me a line either now or whenever you're ready and I'll deliver. (kb.jackson@mac.com)Good luck and stay safe. We'll all miss your good work.Regards,
  3. kjackson

    Ultimate Traffic X Schedule Update

    Thanks Tony. Yes. Updates for UTX. I haven't been keeping up and was just wondering if any new updates were made available.Regards,
  4. Ultimate Traffic X seems to only have schedule updates for May 7 through May 13 of 2007. Does anyone know of other schedule updates?Thanks,
  5. kjackson

    Shooting the messenger...

    I too have been around since the Sublogic days. I can honestly say that because of the Microsoft Flight Simulator series I am a certified SEL private pilot with many hours flight time.With a mediocre computer (2GB RAM, ATIx1300, 3GHz single core CPU) I am running Vista Ultimate with FSX/SP1. I use FSX for practicing instruments and short flights around the Texas area and beyond and it performs magnificently. There are times when I
  6. kjackson

    WideFS & SimConnect working together

    Thanks a mill Bob.Take care,
  7. Is this possible. I have RC4.3 running via WideFS and want to connect EFB for FSX which uses SimConnect. All attempts have resulted in SimConnect disabling WideFS and FSPUIC.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Regards,
  8. kjackson

    FSX on a Mac

    Virtuali, David, I too have a new Macbook Pro and would like to install Vista via Boot Camp. Parallels is too finicky virtualizing this environment.Do either of you know what the plans are from both Apple and Parallels when Leopard is released? Will things stay the same as far as Boot Camp is concerned?Thanks,
  9. Tom, I like your style. You got it exactly right.There is a line here and I see it clearly, wish others would too. I love Eaglesoft's products and service. Ron and company are top notch. However, this is a user forum and community.Regards,
  10. No time for Perfbuckets here. The only buckets I'm concerned with are the nice comfortable bucket seats in my new Columbia 400 from Eaglesoft. That with the excellent weather and graphics app from HiFi Simulations make for a smooth flight. I'm all over the place these days.I'll worry about Perfbucket and ProcSpeed settings when I reach the next scheduled maintenance period, which is quite a long way off. I'll mention it to the A&P guys though.Otherwise, I am spending too much time flying and enjoying this wonderful sim to worry about a few FPS gains. FSX is the best ever ACES. Fine job!Of course this is my personal observation and in no way has any bearing on the discussion you guys are having. Good stuff all around and I will keep an eye on this post.See you guys in the sky.
  11. Very funny hopsing88. I think most will understand that I meant that FSX fluctuates between 10 and 25 FPS. I have it locked at 25. It runs very smoothly even though it sometimes dips to 10. I don't see micro stutters as I do when it gets that low when using XP. I'm not making this stuff up here. I have no reason to do that. I have been very frustrated with FSX on both OSes and am just trying to provide info for others. I am very honest in my portrayal of the experience I have experienced. I'm sure there are other factors at work here but I'm not willing to go that deep. I don't work for Microsoft or anything like that. I fly real GA aircraft and enjoy my flight sim environment as well. I've been around here for some time and only like to give positive feedback.Best to ya'
  12. I have a core duo 17" Intel/Mac laptop and with XP boot camp FSX runs smoother and better than any PC. I didn't want to add that to the mix here though. Just sticking with conventional computers.
  13. >" Even at 10FPS with Vista the sim is very smooth and fluid>">>I'd have to see it to believe it :-roll>Jason, what I meant was that the FPS count fluctuates between 10 and 25. It doesn't just sit at 10 FPS. It seems to fluctuate much more than on XP. That's my point.Regards,
  14. Hey Dave. I hear ya.I have done some meager comparison tests with fresh installs of FSX on both XP and Vista. Presently there are few add-on GA aircraft that will work with FSX. Even less that work with FSX on Vista. Case-in-point, the excellent Cirrus G22 by that Hamilton fellow and staff at Eaglesoft. It works great in FSX on XP but will not run properly on Vista due to UAC (User Account Control) issues. So my tests with default FSX aircraft was all that I could accomplish. Still, Vista won hands down in my opinion. The micro stutters were quite prevalent on XP with higher FPS than that of FSX on Vista. I generally lock my FPS setting on 25.FSX on Vista gave stellar performance even though the FPS counter dipped to 10 occasionally. On Vista the FSX FPS counter fluctuates more than on XP yet still provides smooth performance. Again, this was all with the default aircraft and default settings. I did not change one setting with regards to autogen, water, vehicles, etc. With some of the reported tweaks such as Fiberframe (I think) settings my experience is wonderful on Vista.More later,
  15. >I know you're happy, but I wouldn't be spending that amount of>money on an OS and seeing lower fps, smoother or not. Hi Allcott.I didn't buy a new OS to get better FPS in FSX. I brought it because I want to get a head start on what most of us will be using soon. I would never let FS or any other single program drive my decision for a new OS.This is just the direction everyone will have to take. XP will soon go the way of all the previous OSes.I have been using Vista and FSX since Nov. 17th and my experience has been good. I have re-installed XP and FSX as well and all works on that platform too.I just wanted to give another view of FSX running on Vista. I'm happy moving forward.Take care,