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  1. hanstatdg

    Ray Smith AFCAD appreciation

    I spotted Dakota's 2008 package as well. His AFCADs are mostly minor tweaks to mainly small default airports, often little more than some extra parking. He uses Flight 1's Airport Facilitator X (AFX), which is based on Lee Swordy's famous AFCAD2. His AFCADs are very useful if you have lots of AI, but don't expect much eye candy. He does ask for modest donations, especially if you want him to design an AFCAD for you. I don't know if he is still designing, because it's some time since he uploaded anything. There is - or was - some association with ImagineSim. Ray Smith's AFCADs are based on Airport Design Editor (ADE), a freeware CAD-type airport editor and designer which is much more complex. His AFCADs are re-written from scratch and are much more realistic. He does rely on default objects, which keps frame rates low. He specialises, though not exclusively, on X-wind runways, a technique which allows AI to use runways in all directions simultaneously. His AFCADs are usually for big airports. Ray does not request donations for himself, although he has hyperlinks to ScruffyDuck, which distributes ADE, and they do ask for vluntary donations. Both designers make a valuable contribution to the AI community.
  2. hanstatdg

    Ray Smith AFCAD appreciation

    I've checked further. There is an organisaion Smith Graphics, run by Dakota Smith, and they do airport AFCADs. They do ask for donations. They will also create an airport on request - for a price. I think they might be connected with ImagineSim. They have nothing whatsoever to do with Ray Smith. Smith is a very common name.
  3. hanstatdg

    Ray Smith AFCAD appreciation

    Ray did an FS2004 version of YSBK (Bankstown) 9 years ago, with a small update a year later. He does include his Email address on his more recent downloads (search for Ray Smith in the AVSIM FSX AFCADs library). There's no reason why you shouldn't ask him if he would be willing to do an updated version for FSX. The hyperlinks included in his readme take you to ScruffyDuck. They do offer you the opportunity to make a voluntary Paypal donation to them. Ray's only connection with Scruffyduck is that he uses the popular ADE. I don't know where you got the SmithsGraphics idea from. None of Ray's downloads I have mention it at all, If you have any of Ray's downloads which refer to it please tell me about it, or ask Ray himself.
  4. hanstatdg

    Ray Smith AFCAD appreciation

    It's unlikely that his FS2004 AFCADs would work in FSX. But why bother. He has FSX ones for most of his FS2004 ones anyway, and if he doesn't, you could ask him to create one. The Paypal donation that you mention is not for Ray Smith. All his AFCADs are freeware, and he doesn't request any donation. He does, however, suggest that voluntary donations to the creators of the Airport Design Editor, which he uses for his AFCADs, would be welcome. There is a link on the ADE website.
  5. hanstatdg

    Ray Smith AFCAD appreciation

    May I add my appreciation for Ray's excellent AFCADs. They are frame-friendly, and they work well, especially the cross-wind ones. Not many people know that it's a family affair. Ray's wife Jillian specialises in textures for helicopters. Look her up in the AVSIM library. David Hanstater Administrator Flight 1 UT2 Forum
  6. hanstatdg

    Best Freeware Airports?

    I recommend any FSX AFCADS by Ray Smith. Just search for his name in the AVSIM library.They are easy to install, very frame friendly, and very high quality. He is paricularly good at x-winds, where airports have runways in different directions.
  7. There is a 3rd airport designer currently under development wich is well worth a look. It's called Airport Design Editor. Get it fromhttp://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5219The latest hyperlink is in the last post on the thread, together with the readme.It is claimed that eventually it will have the facility to add lots of objects.DavidGH
  8. >Hi,>I have used AFCAD2 for MSFS9. I am not a programmer or>designer.>>To use FSX Planner ... is it complicated? Like, do you have to>be a programmer to use it? I know it is in beta but for how>much longer .. like another 6 to 12 months? Anyone know?>>I could not locate ADE, SDE, or SED090 to read about/evaluate>them?>>Is the AFX from Flight1 a souped up AFCAD2/FS9 application or>is it really designed for MSFSX with the FS9 support added to>it?>AFX from Flight 1 has a similar interface to AFCAD2, which makes it easy to use. It is compatible with both FS2004 & FSX, but is enhanced for FSX, with the facility to insert taxiway signs, moving jetways, and other objects, in which respect it is identical to FSX Planner.FSX Planner (FSX only) is still work in progress, but is also easy to use. At the moment its main drawback is that it only reads .XML files, so it's necessary to convert FSX's .bgl files first. This is easy to do with BGLtoXML.exe (available separately from AVSIM). It does convert back to. BGL, though. Why not try it - it's freeware.It does have one remarkable facility. If you load an airport, with a couple of mouse-clicks you can get a Google Earth satellite view of the airport. Save it as a screen dump, make it transparent, and it acts as a perfect guide.
  9. >>Lee Swordy is not connected to this project.>>He should sue for breach of copyright of his GUI. It is a>direct copy!>I contacted Lee Swordy long ago to ask if he intended to develop an AFCAD program for FSX. This was his reply:"I will not be producing any more releases of AFCAD or TTools for several reasons, the main one being that I have other commitments now that leave me with almost no spare time to work on them. Anyone else who wants to produce similar tools for FSX need not be concerned about competing with me".DavidGH
  10. hanstatdg

    Gloster Javelin Sounds

    Adrian,The Avon sounds are a real improvement on the Learjet. The sound doesn't really match the screaming howl of the javelin, but it sure sounds like a military jet, and it's acceptable, especially in spot view.Thanks again.David Hanstater
  11. hanstatdg

    Gloster Javelin Sounds

    Adrian,Thanks for your prompt reply.What I'm looking for are sounds that I can add to a Gloster Javelin that I have installed in FS9. It uses the default Learjet45 sounds, which are definitely not suitable.I'll try the Avon sounds from the Hunter. I'm sure they'll be better than the Learjet. From memory, didn't the Javelin have twin Sapphires?I worked on an RAF squadron in 1960 which had Javelins, and next door was a squadron of Hawker Hunters. I could tell the difference immediately, even in my sleep. The Javelin had a banshee howl which was completely individual. One of our aircraft had reheat as well.Alphasim has a payware Javelin which does sound good, but I don't want to buy anything at present.David Hanstater
  12. hanstatdg

    Gloster Javelin Sounds

    I'm looking for freeware sounds suitable for the Gloster Javelin.Any ideas?
  13. Mitch,I agree with almost everything you say.However, it is possible to run FSX on today's computers at about 75%. I know because I've done it. The only problems I have are unacceptably low frame rates at some of the denser sceneries, because I run Flight 1's Ultimate Traffic, which generates lots of AI, especially at the big busy airports. If I turn AI down a tad, FSX is fine.I've had mixed reports about whether Windows Vista makes any significant improvements to FSX. I don't have Vista, and currently I've no intention to buy it. It takes up a lot of memory, and contains all sorts of functions which I don't need.Probably, FSX will only run really well with very expensive super-fast dual-core processors, DirectX10, Vista, lots of RAM, top end video cards etc. The fastest dual-core processors are not yet widely available, and will probably need upgraded other components as well.FSX is certainly better than FS9 in many respects, but FS9 can be made much better with the aid of lots of addons, many of them free. So I'mn not going to spend huge sums for only a marginal improvement in my flightsim experience.David Hanstater
  14. hanstatdg

    scanAFD Problem

    I've been using scanAFD v1.1Beta for a long time now, and it's been very useful.Recently, when I ask it to search all active addon sceneries it has started listing dozens of files as duplicates, and in each case shows three copies of the identical AFCAD in the identical location, although I know there is only one. If I rename one of them, scanAFD allows me to do so, but if I then try to rename one of the remaining two, I get an error message saying that it can't find the source file.I've checked my scenery.cfg file, which seems normal.I've written to the author, Eliot Rogers, but my email was returned as undeliverable. His website http://www.nwlink.com/~erog/ is still available, but hasn't been updated since October 2004.Has anyone any idea what might be causing my problem?(I'm getting the same problem if I use an earlier version of scanAFD).David Hanstater
  15. hanstatdg

    fs9 always crashing.. help!

    >We've had reports from two members on the Ultimate Traffic>Forum experiencing the same problem.>>One member thinks it might be connected with IE7. He>eventually reformated his HD and kept with IE6. So far FS9 is>working OK.>>This is a very worrying issue. Has anyone else got this>problem?UPDATE.One of my colleagues has reported that a program called Xfire with its latest update seems to crash FS9. His advice is to turn Xfire off before running FS9.David Hanstater