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  1. Great news AndreI hope you enjoy this as much as I am enjoying it - it is so evocative of the numerous jump seat rides I had with CX and KA into Kai Tak in the 80's and 90'sHappyy landings
  2. I have 3 Hard drives C for the operating system E for FS9 alone and F for everything else. Cand E in RAID and FS9 running smooth as silk. You do need an enormous amount of free space for such smooth running ~50-60% free
  3. CDA.......Which drive is your FS9 running on? If it is on your D drive you just don't have enough free space to adequately run such a large and complex program and it doesn't look as if your FS9 is on your C drive if so it's awful small!I certainly don't think it is NOD 32 which is the best program in my opinion for FS
  4. AndreDid you look in all the other possible scenery folders and subfolders in FS9? The file you have there is the back up original when it was replaced by the installer putting the 9Dragon version in the generic scenery subfolder. Did you do a search in FS9 for generic.bgl??I did have two other rogue files which appeared twice HK.bmp and HK_lc.bmp. However even though they were both active in two folders when I experimented with and without them it didn't seem to make a differenceI hope this helpsHappy landings!
  5. AndreI mentioned the file in the post - generic.bgl - It is a large file and should be in the FS9scenerygeneric folderProbably the best approach is to look at recently modified files and see if anything is duplicated or in the wrong folder - files that have been modified by 9Dragons are listed in the manual and I would look for duplicates or misplaced versions of those files firstHope you get things sorted happy flying shooting the Rwy 13 approach!!
  6. Thanks for that and it fits with the observation that in general the heavies are the ones most likely to be off the centre lineWill look at how I can change some of the AI modelsAppreciate your input
  7. Thanks ClutchI have got it sorted - I meticulously went through every scenery and texture file that had been moved recently in FS9 and somehow there was a copy of generic.bgl in the FS9scenery folder as well in its'proper place in the generic folder. I erased the FS9 scenery copy and it solved the problem!!I did find that there were two copies of HK.bmp and HK_lc.bmp but I don't think these were the problem and I deleted the redundant pair? Two other questions - any advice on how to populate the North and East parking areas? I am using My Traffic and your AFCAD - should I increase the number of parking slots from the 57 allocatd in MT?? Second question relates to landing AI generally but not always coming North of the approach and landing well off the centre line - further than generally realistic though and occasionally on the grass! All take offs seem to be bang on the centre lineCurrently flying RJBB-VHHX with CX Freighter and looking forward to a Rwy 13 arrival!!Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to relive this fantastic experience!
  8. Thanks ClutchI had already identified and renamed that file but it has made no difference to the problem so I guess it is another rogue fileIs it correct to assume that this will be a bgl file? Or could this be a texture file?If it's any help to you in diagnosisng the problem - I did not see this with V1. I guess I should have left alone but I did uninstall and then installed V2 after which I have the problem. The sea is normal with both versions uninstalledI did have TK VHHH installed and had already uninstalled that as instructed. I also had New Baiyun installed and have uninstalled that but wonder if it could have put a file anywhere other than in Add on Scenery. Otherwise I don't think I have any land class etc within 1000 miles of HKGAny further thoughts you have would be appreciated Thanks for your help and work with a great add-on!
  9. First let me say what a fantastic program 9 Dragons is and having landed there several times in the jump seat of 747, L-1011 and A 320 it is as real as it gets! Thanks to all the team who have given so much of their time skill and enthusiasm to bring this to usAfter installing V2 everything seems to be working fine - incoming traffic rather sparse - but the real problem has been the apprearance of land textures in the sea - small areas just south of the runway and on the west shore of Kowloon with larger areas between Stonecutters and CH with larger areas south of the Island and Lantau and also north of the new airportI have uninstalled, reinstalled and reinstalled and uninstalled both V1 and V2 but same problem.In between times with NO 9 Dragons sea textures are fine in the affected areas. I have been through all the Add on scenery and removed any reference to VHHH, VHHX ar HK other than 9 Dragons and removed any land class etc within a 1000 miles but still seeing the same problemDo any of the 9 Dragons team or the beta testers have any idea - was a rogue file left behind from V1 when uninstalledNo obvious problems anywhere else in the world as far as I can tellAny advice would be appreciated ThanksRichard
  10. I agree with Edward in all this. CS have lost credibility and my custom for the future. They had previously produced several excellent products which I have enjoyed. I trusted them to follow through with the Block system. I am not prepared to use the CS-757 without an FMC - which is to be expected at the quality CS aspire to be associated with - and I do not believe that I was taking a risk in buying on the block system. They promised, I expected, they have my money and they haven't delivered to the expected or the standard that they have previously. CS have lost their credibility and it will take a long time for them to get it back. I don't even visit their site any longer!Happy New Year to all!
  11. huntr


    Thanks Samy - much appreciated!
  12. huntr


    Thanks Samy - but this is only the very last part of that flight!!Any chance you know the SCEL to MARTE routing??
  13. huntr


    I wonder if anyone can help with the flight plan for AA 940 on 4th August from Santiago, Chike to Dallas - unusually strong headwinds and the routing went west of the usual routingThanksRichard
  14. Thanks so much for the clarification Bob
  15. Thanks BobThat was as I thought but wondered if the PCDS in climb mode would have any influence on thisIn any event very much enjoying it and thanks for all your and your colleagues efforts - frame rates are wonderful and it is very smoothBest
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